Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wonder Why My Head Hurts

DH is laid up in bed with severe head pain (a new symptom to the on-going medical mystery that has taken over our lives for the last nine months). The intense headache coupled with the increased frequency of his relapses (last one was 3/13-3/18, this one began 3/20!) translated to a "change of symptoms" - which is what every doctor has told us to watch for and head to the ER immediately if it happened. So...on Monday night we were back in the ER. In addition to the head pain, his leg was giving out with every step, causing the triage nurse to insist he remain in a wheelchair while in the waiting room, and his speech was so bad you could barely understand him. Fun. Once again, blood tests and CAT scan were normal, so they sent us home. More fun.

It is 6:30 and I am only NOW getting to making dinner for everyone (Mac and cheese - and no homemade for my kids - they get the blue box. I used to really enjoy trying out new recipes for mac and cheese, finding healthier and tastier versions of the classic. But once the kids tried "Easy Mac" there was no going back. Now I just figure, "Why bother?"). They need baths after dinner (they've all been playing outside in the mud, otherwise I'd have no problem skipping it). And did I mention their normal bedtime is SEVEN?!!

I have a big proposal that I have been working on all afternoon (in between talking to DH's doctors, getting him some better pain medication, keeping the kids from running into our bedroom, making sure the boys do their homework correctly AND put it back in their folder AND put their folders back in their schoolbag - a surprisingly difficult set of tasks, and monitoring everyone's Wii time to ensure that no one goes over their alloted fifteen minutes) that is due tonight. Unfortunately I only found out about it yesterday morning.

I guess it's really no question about why I've been gritting my teeth so much lately, or why my head and back hurt so much. I simply have to grin and bear it and just get through it. Let's just hope my teeth have not been ground into my gums by the end of the month.