Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Got a call the other night from one of our favorite babysitters who told me that she doesn't have to work today and could I use her. Uhhhh....YEAH!!! So now I'm at the best independent coffee houses in the area getting focused, ready to get organized and prepared for the start of school.

I've been trying to get the kids (and me) on what will be our schedule beginning next week, but am having such an incredibly hard time getting my a$$ out of bed. The sleep doctor is sending away for this special nighttime medication for me to take that will make my sleep more productive, which in theory sounds like I would be able to get out of bed rested in the morning. However every medication I've ever taken that has the tiniest "may make you drowsy" warning on it has left me drugged the whole next day. But the doctor pointed out that due to my weight gain (Ow . . . just rub a little more salt in that wound, Doc!) my minor apnea may have increased some causing me to not sleep well. As if I hadn't already decided that I needed to focus on my diet and exercise. Sheesh!

And going along with all that is the understanding that I HAVE to get at least eight hours of sleep. Which means I have to head upstairs at nine so I can wash up and relax some so I can be asleep by ten, because I HAVE to get out of bed at six so I can be dressed and awake when the kids get up at seven so we can be ready to leave the house a little after eight. Which means that no matter how much my bed beckons, no matter how much my eyes begin to close again on their own, no matter how much I want to pull up the covers again and go back to sleep, I have no choice but to GET UP!

And now, that being said, I have to end this post so I can get started working on my plans for Preschool. NOW!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Not Dead Yet!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaa--aaaaack!!!

I know you've all been worried, wondering where I was and why I wasn't blogging. Every day I said to myself, "Make some time for your public your readers the one or two people who check in to see what you're rambling about now." And yet I didn't. There's a few good reasons, like:
  • I discovered Facebook, which is so much more addicting then I realized!
  • We went on vacation down the shore for a whole week with my parents and my sister and her whole family.
  • School is starting all too soon and I am so frigging behind in all that I need to do to prep for Preschool, Hebrew School, and Religious School.
  • As I do every year around this time, I'm trying to find the most efficient way to handle household things like bills, groceries, meals, laundry so things will run smoothly once the school year begins.
  • I'm planning a big "Thank you" party for this Friday for all the people that helped while DH was sick (Sorry, Anjali, I'd invite you but the plane fare might not be worth it!)

But even though I'm just a tad overwhelmed, I just wanted to pop on to show that I'm not dead yet (Monty Python reference anyone?) and to mention the fact that I just went to my sleep doctor today (I'll be trying some new drugs in addition to the drugs I'm on now) and was weighed: in one year I've gained TEN pounds. That is so wrong. Yeah, so now, in addition to all the stuff I listed above, I have to REALLY start working on my diet again.

Well, at least no one is in the hospital - oh, man, I almost went and did it! I'm not superstitious, but I know better than to put a kinahera on my life right now. I better just publish this before I end up spitting all over the computer through two fingers to get rid of the evil eye.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Whirlwind in my Head

This is going to be a boring post. I can feel it even as I start. I just have so many thoughts wrestling for dominance floating around in my mind that I can't hear over the voices shouting in my head it's hard to focus.

Aren't you so glad that I figured out once again how to show off the one cool blogger trick I've learned cross things out?

July pretty much sucked for us. There were good moments, such as having so many friends and family and people that DH works with step up and offer support in so many different ways. But spending so much time in and out of the hospital really screwed up our summer plans leaving DH and I so far behind the eight ball that I can't even take the time to create a good pool reference to finish the metaphor - if it is in fact a metaphor at all really complicated all the plans we had to get ready for each of our school years.

But now it's August. I had managed to find a babysitter to do stuff with the kids for today, tomorrow, and Thursday so DH and I would both have the time to plan, set up our rooms, do all the stuff we need to do to get ready. HOWEVER, the babysitter for today called early this morning that she has strep. Did you hear the sobs from your house? She started antibiotics already and will be ready to sit for the kids tomorrow, but boy did it mess up my plans for today! Ultimately, DH and I worked it out so he's at school all day (I keep checking in with him to remind him to take it easy) getting his classroom library set up (he teaches English using reading workshop and has spent a ton of his own money buying young adult literature). We will have a babysitter (keep your fingers crossed) Wednesday and Thursday and DH will be in charge of the kids on Friday.

And then there's Saturday. My parents have rented a house for all of us (us, my sister and her family, and them) to spend the week down the shore. What an incredible gift and I'm really looking forward to an amazing week. I'm going to do what I can so DH can REST as much as possible. He's freaking out a little that he won't have the energy to last through the whole day of teaching once school starts (he goes back the last week in August), so I keep stressing to him how much rest he will be getting. Hopefully helping him rest won't end up causing me too much stress to enjoy the week!

I took the kids and my laptop to Chick-Fil-A today (it has a terrific indoor play area and I had coupons for free kid meals). I was able to get some planning done, mainly listing the projects I want to do for each holiday for the year and revising my plans for religious school. I still need to rewrite the Hebrew School curriculum and plan out an overview for the year, finish revising my religious school plans, work on my plans for the beginning of the year for preschool as well as a detailed overview for the whole year, and try to work on getting low-cost/free publicity for my business. And set up my preschool classroom. And pack for the shore, which includes cleaning out the fridge of perishables. In three full days. I can do it. Really. No problem.

I think I can.

I think I can.

I think I can.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Can SEE!!!

I don't have time for a real post right now, but just had to share:
A is my favorite person in the whole wide world right now. Even though DH and I searched for my glasses high and low, apparently we never moved the couches. A just screamed out, "I found Mommy's glasses!" Don't know (or want to know) why he was looking there, but they were under the couch. YAY!!

Just in time for me to pay $250+ for my replacement pair (which we will be putting directly into my night table drawer for the next time I lose them).

Monday, August 04, 2008

I Can't Read!

If I could create some kind of system for glasses, something that all of us absent-minded glasses wearers could attach to our glasses so we could just touch a button or clap our hands and then we could instantly locate said glasses, I could make a fortune. Or maybe I'm the only one that does this over and over again. In any case, my glasses are gone, we've searched all day, I have finally ordered a new pair (which won't be in until Thursday at the earliest). That means no updates until then. No reading, no computer, no writing, no paperwork, nothing close up until I get the new pair. Yeah, I won't be going through withdrawal or anything. Nahhh....piece of cake.