Sunday, July 11, 2010


DH has OCD.  I always learn new things about his OCD, different thoughts he has that he logically knows are not rational, but must address in some way or he fears something bad will happen.  We were in the car the other day and he told me that even numbers are very important for him and it's hard for him when things are made up of odd numbers. 

Me: You do realize that having "only" three kids means we have five people in our family - which is an odd number.

DH: I have OCD, but I'm not CRAZY!

I took B, J, and DN-J to a concert by Allison DeSalvo, a favorite children's performer of ours.  When it finished, B turned to me, sighed, and stated, "I understand now why these shows are geared for preschoolers.  I just don't have that kind of energy anymore!"

Wasn't sure whether I should laugh or cry.

We were all on the Blue Route and saw my dad's van.  My dad stores EVERYTHING in his van, so much that he doesn't keep the seats in the van because there is so much junk in there.  Eventually he pulled off at an exit.  One of the kids wondered aloud where he might be going.  Another quickly piped up, "Maybe he's going to the dump!"

Driving home from some trip or another we spied the Goodyear Blimp up in the sky.
J:  Look - an airplane!
DH:  No, it's actually a blimp.
DN-J:  No, it's not.  (She is at such a pleasant stage right now.)
J:  You don't even know what a blimp is!
Me:  Do you?
J:  (after a brief pause) No.