Monday, September 24, 2007


I fell Saturday night leaving my parents' house after Yom Kippor's break the fast dinner. My ankle just gave out from under me and I went down hard. It hurt so much that I thought I had broken it, and had pictures of myself having to crawl back inside to get help. Luckily my sister was still in the driveway and saw me go down. I was able to put weight on it and walk to my car with DS' help, though driving didn't feel that great. I got it x-rayed today and it's not broken. I didn't think it was since I could put weight on it, though as so many people told me the lovely story of how they had fallen and twisted their ankle and they hadn't thought it was broken so they were walking around on it for so long and then they found out that it actually WAS broken. Nice stories. In any case, it's uncomfortable enough that I actually found a sub for school tomorrow for myself, something I avoid doing at all costs.

Tomorrow night is my sleep study. Cannot wait.

A has regressed at home a lot now that he has to focus during the morning at kindergarten. Last week he pooped in his nighttime pull-up four different times, all while trying to fall asleep. And he's peed twice while on the computer at home (luckily not at school). The hardest is that A cannot leave the poop in his pull-up, so he ends up making a great big mess.

I'm tired.

This ankle better feel better if I rest it a lot tomorrow and Wednesday! I'm sick of this!!

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