Thursday, September 27, 2007

Positive thinking

I've decided that I need to focus more on the positive. Here goes:

Yesterday was my sleep study. I stayed overnight and then had to stay all the next day. I got to sleep through the night with no one waking me up because they're hungry, they want to get up, or just because. I only woke myself up a few times, which is normal for me. I was able to watch cable tv - a luxery for me since we only have very basic cable here - and read an entire book, and the nurses there got my breakfast and lunch for me from a nearby restaurant. PLUS I was forced (such a hardship) to take a nap every two hours. VERY nice. I had NO problem falling asleep every time, though each time they woke me, I wanted to go back to sleep right away. I stayed very tired all day, which is not unusual for me, and it made it easy to do what they wanted (ie. sleep).

Focusing on the positive. Okay.

J is very decisive. This morning, after dressing herself in her favorite pink dress that just happens to have a hood, she told me, "I don't want to wear a hood that has a dress." She had to repeat it a couple time before I understood what she was saying (I was tired!) but I finally reversed her sentence and repeated to her, "You don't want to wear a dress that has a hood?" Never mind that she had selected said dress last night - she took it off and picked out a new one to wear.

A is very affectionate. He kisses me all the time. All the time. On my arms, my legs, my cheeks, my neck, sometimes licking . . . focus on the positive, right, ummm....I'm so glad he can show his affection, and responds appropriately when I ask him to stop.

B is equally affectionate, but shows it in a different way. He tells us he loves us. Often. Sometimes every two minutes. I'm glad that he can verbally express his feelings, and only slightly disturbed that he feels he needs to say it so often. Okay, maybe a little more than slightly disturbed considering our family history of OCD. I finally filled out his paperwork to be evaluated by the district and I welcome their findings!

My ankle is down to a dull ache.

The long summer months of me not receiving any paychecks has ended and we are beginning to loosen the purse strings a little bit. I was going to say loosen the belt straps, but since we all know I didn't lose ANY weight this summer, that seems kind of silly.

Today is the first day of Sukkot. Since I teach at a Jewish school which J attends, it means that J and I have the day off. Woohoo!

Right now, right this second, I do not feel like I need to take a nap.

I had a playdate scheduled for today at my house but cancelled it (only affected one other mom) because I was tired and feeling a little behind the eight ball after being off my feet all week. [Side note: Last time B was at the ER, the doctor used that expression with him. He responded, "Besides, I don't even know HOW to play Eight Ball." My oh-so-literal child.]

Since I have some energy right now, I'm going upstairs to sort the laundry and put in a load, than into the living room to pick up all the cr*p that the house has thrown up all over itself. I was quite happy to come home yesterday afternoon to find that house trashed and DH exhausted, complaining about the kids and his long day. He has been giving me SUCH a hard time every day that he comes home and the house is not picked up. I'm so glad that when I came home yesterday the house was not picked up either. It's not so easy when you're in charge of the kids all afternoon, and he didn't have to teach from 9-12 as well!

Okay, that's enough positive thinking. Time to pull some clothes from Mt. Washmore and start washing them.


Domestic Goddess said...

I hate it when DH rolls his eyes when he sees the mess. I mean, I make a concerted effort to have it decent in here before he gets home, but I have five kids in here from 4-6 and as much as I try to kick them outside, the reality is that KIDS MAKE MESSES. I love it on nights that I tutor and he gives the line, "But I had to watch the kids!" Last weekend I was sick and stayed in bed all day, he got a real dose of what's going on.
Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't!

Anjali said...

I hope they find out some good info from the sleep study!

O said...

Goodness, the sleep study sounds like my dream vacation! On a(nother) serious note, I hope it finds something helpful. But wow, napping every two hours? That might cut in to the sleep debt a little.
Is it strange having people come wake you up that you aren't related to?
And our own Mt. Washmore calls...