Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Every once in a while I find a quiz that entices me. I have been reading Housewife Hiccups for a couple weeks now and saw "Would you make a good housewife?" I felt the burning desire to have a random quiz determine my worth as a "housewife," a term I don't even use to identify myself at all but still felt curious to see what it would say.

I took the quiz and felt great relief to be declared a "normal housewife" (whatever that means).

You're a normal housewife. You wish you could be perfect, but realize the impossibility. And you really like pizza.

Normal housewife 60%
Perfect housewife 50%
Housewife disaster 10%

Now I know I was not a math major (like my super smart sister), but does anyone else see a problem with these percentages?


Lucy T said...

Of course everyone knows housewives often give 120%!

Domestic Goddess said...

Not me! I give 200%!!!

Heather said...

Apparently I am a slacker - I got normal housewife - but my percentages were 60% normal 20% perfect and 0% disaster. HUH???

Adorable Girlfriend said...

That kind of math is like when people do graphs and they don't start at 0 on the z axis. What is that about?!!

Mommy Brain said...

Well, I'm only giving 80% because I got 60% normal, 20% perfect, and 0% disaster. Which is NOT at all a picture of our household.

Tina said...

LOL I was so caught up about being called normal that I didn't

Thanks for the link love :)