Monday, August 04, 2008

I Can't Read!

If I could create some kind of system for glasses, something that all of us absent-minded glasses wearers could attach to our glasses so we could just touch a button or clap our hands and then we could instantly locate said glasses, I could make a fortune. Or maybe I'm the only one that does this over and over again. In any case, my glasses are gone, we've searched all day, I have finally ordered a new pair (which won't be in until Thursday at the earliest). That means no updates until then. No reading, no computer, no writing, no paperwork, nothing close up until I get the new pair. Yeah, I won't be going through withdrawal or anything. Nahhh....piece of cake.


Mary said...

That invention would indeed be wonderful. When I lose my glasses I'm sure I look super foolish groping around trying to find them- why- I can't see. It's terrible trying to find them when you can't see and boy that's when I wish I had some magic way of locating those suckers. Anyway, hang in there.

Motherhood101aplus said...

Hey I told husband about your suggestion. Sorry he did not get around to doing it yet. I will send him your email to remind him.