Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quick Update

So much to say - not enough time to say it!

I have about four different posts running around in my head. They're all excellent (but of course) but I have too much to do to even be fooling around with my blog in the first place, so they will have to wait. Here's the quickest update I can manage:

1) DH - health is fine (now I must spit between two fingers to avoid a kinahera)

2) Kids got a Wii for the holidays plus many many many Legos.

3) Kids are now able to play independently with said presents for extended periods of time.

4) Preschool Director got fired; I am now the Interim Preschool Director.

5) I am in a tough position trying to stay positive at school and focus on the present when many, many, many others want to focus on the details surrounding the change in administration.

6) I am also still teaching my 2-year-old class from 9-12. And Hebrew School twice a week. And Religious School on Sundays (two sessions).

7) The full-day kindergarten is no longer an option for next year. It is a goal for the near future.

8) The camp will (HOPEFULLY) be approved very soon so we can start registering families. I have been working with the Board to make it a reality.

9) I spent much of winter break at school organizing paperwork/files and sorting/organizing books and supplies with the help of fabulous volunteers.

10) I'm trying to remember to breathe.


Cel said...

Rachel, take care of yourself, Girl!!!!

RuthWells said...

Would you hate me to death if I managed to get Q & G to part with some Bioncles/Legos and, maybe, give them to your munchkins? No?....

Trace said...

Breathe? What's that? I love the new name!