Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Right Now

  • I can't sleep.
  • Started using Slim Fast today. I used it before my wedding and it worked. I know it's not the ultimate answer, that it will only do to get me started, but I think I just need a kick start. I'm also trying the Slim Quick Cleanse. Have to start getting serious about my weight!
  • I'm starting to get sleepy.
  • Got my Provigil back today. Haven't had it since December due to an insurance mistake. Wow - forgot what it felt like to be totally awake!
  • This is not a very interesting post.
  • J is coughing a lot. Took her to the doctor today and he diagnosed her with a sinus infection. We go to a practice of about six different doctors, so as I drove her there I told her she would be seeing Dr. P___. She asked me if they were all named Dr. P___ now, so I explained to her that just the one she was seeing today was named Dr. P____ and the others all had their own names.
  • Is this post boring enough to make YOU fall asleep?
  • Maybe it's enough to make me fall asleep. Of course, I know as soon as I lay down J will wake all the way up and start crying and I'll have to go in and help her fall back asleep, thus making it hard for me to fall back asleep. So I might come right back down and continue this post. I'm hoping that this really is the end. Good night.

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