Friday, April 13, 2007

Even more tired than before!

I have no question about why I'm tired today.

DH and I were up nearly all night taking turns with not one, not two, but all three kids.

A started it. He developed a cough around 9:30 or so. He kept coughing and crying, coughing and crying, no matter what we tried. This kept up until about 12. DH and I kept taking turns going in and trying to get him to fall asleep. We did everything we could: the vaporizer was on full blast, we propped A up on lots of pillows, his chest was smeared with Vicks Vapor Rub, he had a cup of water that he kept sipping from, he had some cough suppresant pills, I even gave him a little bucket in case he threw up from all that coughing. Around midnight he finally fell asleep. DH and I both dropped into our bed. But only for about fifteen minutes.

J began crying hysterically around 12:15. DH's turn. She couldn't find her pacifier (Yes, she still sleeps with a pacifier. Let's stay focused on the big picture here - she normally sleeps fine!) and clearly didn't feel great so she was very upset. DH searched all over her room and the boys' room for about thirty minutes but couldn't find it. Finally I joined him and found it within two minutes. No comment. J laid down, so did we. Within five minutes J was up and crying again about needing a drink of water. My turn. Two small cups of water later, we were all laying down and quiet.

B's turn: four times in a row, about an hour between each time awake, he began crying because of either a bad dream or because he was calling for his brother and his brother wasn't answering (B is now on the top bunk of their new bunk beds and is still not used to not seeing his brother at night). DH and I took turns responding to him.

J woke again around 4.

A coughed himself awake around 5.

B cried himself awake around 6, at which time I invited him into bed with me (DH had just left for school). He did not fall back asleep, so I while I was able to shut my eyes some more, I kept waking up because he was touching my face (I hate that!) or trying to talk to me.

A slept in until 8, and J slept in until 9:30 (three hours later than she normally does).

It's 10 AM, I'm still in my robe, the kids are downstairs watching a movie, a friend of the family is arriving at 11 so I can go to the Temple and set up for my preschool Shabbat program. She agreed to stay at home with all three kids so they can just rest and not expose everyone at school to their colds.

I have to jump in the shower and dress. I would LOVE to fall back asleep right now, but that's not possible. I was planning to have my incredible sister (see the next post) watch the kids after the preschool program so I could help DH at his rehearsal this afternoon, but I don't think that's happening today. Gotta make it through the day.


Mommy Brain said...

Oh goodness. Hang in there!

M-j said...

I really hope you can get some sleep tonight!