Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kicking Depression in the Butt

I fought back yesterday and ultimately did fairly well.

My calorie goal each day is between 1200-1500; I stayed below 1300.

I took the kids out for a "scavenger hunt" around a few blocks. They ran to the next object (a sign with four letters, a baseketball hoop, etc.) and I jogged to keep up. Nice exercise!

J actually did a good job helping me tackle each room for ten minutes. Upstairs she picked up all clothes on the floor, downstairs she put away each toy I put on the coffee table. It kept me motivated and I was able to clean up a lot.

I set up my financial stuff on the laptop so I'll be able to balance the checkbook dowstairs with the kids, even outside if we want.

I got a call from my local library asking me to do the baby/toddler story time this summer, eight weeks, 30 minutes a session, paid, of course. Love that they thought of me!

I met with a friend from the MOMS Club to learn how to do the newsletter since I'll be taking that over in July (don't yell at me, Kathy!). We worked together to come up with deadlines for everyone involved so it won't come down to a last minute rush trying to pull everything together. Plus I have the two newsletters that I do on alternating weeks, so I won't ever have to pull them both together at the same time. I really enjoy creating the newsletters, and since I have everything on the laptop, I can work on it around the kids without a problem.

I'm about to do my Weekly Home Blessing; since I cleaned up the floors/trash yesterday with J, I should be able to stick to 10 minutes per task. And I just made plans to meet tonight with a friend from the community theater that I have worked at a lot to get Annie costumes for the party I'm doing this Saturday.

I was very productive yesterday, and for me productivity keeps the depression at bay. Gotta keep moving so I can be equally productive today.


pkzcass said...

Okay, I won't yell at you since you said you enjoy it, but if it starts to get the better of you, then you need to just skip a week or a month or an issue or whatever. Deal?

Domestic Goddess said...

Good job! Sounds like you are getting on track.
If Kathy won't yell at you, I will. DON'T DO IT!!! Y ou have so much on your plate!

Chaotic Mom said...

I'm fighting, too. And I sure as heck should be checking into your blog more often! Keep fighting it, step by step. You have great friends who love you!

Oh, boy, I wish I could stop moving these days...

Mommy Brain said...

Awesome job!