Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lots and lots of goals

After reading this post on The Domestic Goddess' blog I decided to create some goals for myself as well, beyond the goals I wrote about in my last post. So here goes:

Business Goals
1) Four parties and/or shows per month (preferably two parties on two Saturdays a month)
2) Pay back original investment from our checking account
3) Devote at least 30 minutes a day to business (during the kids' "quiet time")
4) Return all phone calls/e-mails within 24 hours (I hate using the phone, but I have to get over it - I've already lost some parties because of this!)
5) Confirm party details one week before each party/show (Parents just like to hear from me to make sure I'm still coming or they start to panic.)
6) Send thank you letters/referral info to the parents after each party

Household Goals
1) Establish routines and complete them EACH DAY
2) Do some of my WHB each day (10 minutes each)
3) Have clean up time with kids before quiet time and before bedtime. (They need to learn how to pick up after themselves and it would save the house from being trashed by the end of the day.)

Volunteer Goals - I now am doing the newsletters for both of my mom's groups (MOMS Club and Mothers and More).
1) Create deadlines for both clubs and for myself so everyone submits info for both newsletters in a timely manner
2) Do a little bit each week on both newsletters

Personal Goals
1) Go upstairs by 9, in bed by 9:30, asleep by 10 (clearly I need this spelled out for me)
2) Get up by 7 (9 hours might seem like a lot, but I definitely need at least 8, so aiming for 9 seems like a good idea for me. I would love to see how I do with a good night's sleep all summer.) 3) Finish before bed routine while the kids are still awake. Once they're in bed, it's too easy or me to just crash on the couch. This way I can get them to help me (in theory).
4) Complete a basic skin care routine twice a day. (I'm getting older - I need to take care of my face!)
5) Exercise every day (All year I've complained that I would love to go walking in the morning before the kids are up but can't because DH leaves for work so early. His Mother's Day gift to me is that he will get up with the kids every single day during the summer - isn't he the best?!! - so I have no excuse not to do this.)
6) Use SparkPeople to keep track of food intake

Okay, so I'm starting these goals tomorrow. Anyone else up for setting some goals for themselves?

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mama k said...

oh goals. I love writing lists and lists of goals. LOL

I am jumping back on the Flylady bandwagon. And I am actually linking to you in my post tomorrow. :)