Sunday, July 08, 2007

Out, Damn Spots!

J must have such cabin fever. I know I do!

J's chicken pox are still contagious since they haven't all scabbed over yet. The poor thing feels okay most of the time, just gets tired a little more often than usual. We can't go anywhere with her, so we've been splitting up time with the kids, usually DH taking the boys out and J and I staying home. DH stayed home with her Friday night while I got together with everyone for Shabbat dinner. It was so sad: we explained to her that she was sick and so she couldn't get together with the rest of the family because she might make them sick. She was hysterical, sobbing, "No, I won't! I won't make them sick!"

Tonight she fell asleep around five on the couch and I carried her upstairs around 6:30. She stayed asleep and is still out right now. Hopefully she stays knocked out all night!

Tomorrow I start working at a Writing and Literature project camp. I really enjoy these two week sessions. It's purely reading and writing enrichment, and I have done it so many times that I only have to revise my plans a little each year. I'll have to leave around 11:30 tomorrow, so I'll really only have a couple hours to work on my planning with the boys at camp, and J will of course still be home here, but hopefully I can get something accomplished.

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Amanda said...

Poor boo, sick little ones may be one of the cruelest thing we face as parents.