Tuesday, July 17, 2007


J no longer contagious. We sent her back to camp on Friday after getting confirmation Thursday night from the doctor.

My mom does not have Shingles. Turns out it was a really really badly pinched nerve. Still bad, but no guilt involved.

DH had a 24 hour stomach bug and fully recovered by the next day.

And my kids are hillarious:

Driving home from camp yesterday, trying to figure out what they did all morning

Mommy: So, what did you do at camp today?
J: I don't know.
B: I don't know.
A: I don't know.
Mommy: (wanting to bang her head on the steering wheel) Well, did you swim?
B: Of course!
Mommy: What did you do AFTER swimming?
B: Change our clothes.
Mommy: (gritting her teeth) A what did you do after changing your clothes?
A: Hmmm....I can't see it in my head.
B: Of course not - you have too much hair on your head!

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