Friday, May 16, 2008

Where There's Smoke

"I smell smoke," A mumbled as he stood in the living room with his hands over his ears. He was in the posture he takes when either he did something wrong or he's really scared. This time it was both.

I couldn't help it. I normally am able to stay calm around children, even when they do something wrong. Sure, I've had my moments, like when A smeared the contents of his diaper all over his room, paying close attention to his books and the rug. But even then I had the "luxery" of telling him to stay there (in a tone of voice that left NO room for doubt) while I removed myself from the situation long enough to get myself together. But this time, with images of the house catching on fire, my voice raised in volume automatically.

"What do you mean! Where do you smell smoke? What were you doing?" I yelled at A.

Knowing he had really done something wrong and not used to me acting so out-of-control, he does what makes sense to him and throws himself to the floor in a ball with his hands over his ear. Oh, no, I needed the answers to these questions, so I carry his limp body upstairs.

It took many frantic minutes on my part while A stood frozen in the hallway, but eventually I found DH's new phone (had still been in the box) on the floor with the back pulled off and in my room found the source of the burning smell - did you know phone batteries can catch on fire if handled incorrectly? We do!

While the battery never actually caught on fire, it became very hot very quickly (enough to burn A's fingers some) and began to smoke. I carried it and A outside to examine both the battery and his fingers better. His fingers were red but fine. When I tried to move the part of the battery that he had pulled out back to where it had originally been, it became extremely hot very fast and again started smoking.

Not knowing what consequence to give A, I knew I didn't want him playing inside anymore, so I sent him in to at least get his shoes on. When I followed him in a couple minutes later (had to sit and wait for the nausea to pass) I found him on my laptop.

He was on the AT&T website looking for a new phone for Daddy. Good thing I got to him when I did - my credit card was right next to the computer.


Domestic Goddess said...

Holy Stinking Crud.
This is what happens when kids are waaaaaaay to smart for their own good. Did I ever tell you about the video games that were downloaded to my computer? The books and video games bought on No? Well, this is why i no longer have one-click shopping.

Mommy Brain said...

Wow. Oh wow. Yeah, can't think of anything to say except wow.

BOSSY said...

Oy, Bossy thinks you have just pinpointed tonight's middle-of-the-night-mare.

O said...

I had no idea cellphone batteries could catch on fire. Good to know.
And I'm very, very glad for you that that's "all" it was.

Yankeerose said...

And I thought my little one was dangerous. usually if she is quiet she is into something she shouldn't be. the best so far is her getting a full carton of eggs out of our fridge, carry them up our stairs and take them into our bathroom because she wanted to make scrambled eggs. She was about 3. she had to take things out of the fridge in order to get to the eggs.

I'm glad no one was seriously hurt and no house damage was done. that is defintely a story to keep for a future know like his prom, graduation, wedding day. :)

RuthWells said...

Oh. My. God. Thank god it wasn't worse.

Motherhood101aplus said...

Bravo to A for letting you know about the problem.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Eeeks. Thank goodness everyone is OK and Citibank is none the wiser.

Mia said...

Holy crud, I'm hiding the cell phones now. My Boy Child is exactly like this with the ear covering and into everything and way too smart for me to out wit. He has gone onto Dad's computer and redone some things that I don't know how to undo so we just make do ~ did I mention he was 4.
I understand where you are and why you are tired!! :)

Michelle said...

Geez. I am not sure what part of that story I find more amazing, that cell phone batteries can catch fire or that he can get on to the AT&T website and try to order DH a new phone!

Congrats on the green bag btw!