Monday, November 12, 2007

I Quit!

So I just can't take the pressure of the NaBlo whatever thingy to blog every single day. Maybe next year.

B is sick right now with croup. He woke us up at 5 this morning with that awful croup bark and gasping for air. After a neb treatment he was good enough to go back to bed, even though he still didn't sound great. Daddy stayed home with him since I was having two families come in today to observe my class to decide if they wanted to sign their child/children up for January. B spiked a fever as the day went on, but we stayed on top of the breathing with the neb treatments every four hours and have the vaporizer on full blast right by him, so hopefully won't be making any ER trips tonight.

As for my talk with DH, it went well. He made a HUGE decision to stop doing the High School shows for next year. He'll still "consult" once or twice a week, but won't have the same committment - which is so big. He also is going to make more of an effort to come home between his rehearsals to see the kids and give me a little break. I'm feeling very hopeful.

Plus I upped my anti-depressant by half a pill. That might also factor into the fact that I'm feeling so much better.


Domestic Goddess said...

Glad "the discussion" went well.
Hope your little guy does okay. I hate it when they are sick!

O said...

Hooray for you on all counts. Life intervenes sometimes.
So glad to hear that Chas was willing to let go of the musical. T and I have each sacrificed things along the way, reminding ourselves, it's not forever, eventually the kids will be older and we can segue back in to this stuff. Now if you can just kick that croup....

Cel said...

Had to check in here to see how 'the talk' went! You didnt give us an update!!!! Glad it sounds promising.