Sunday, November 18, 2007


Alright all you computer savy people out there, I'd love some advice:

1) What anti-virus software do you use? I had one expert tell me that Norton slows things down a LOT. Do you use that, or is there something else you prefer?

2) I just made some great schedules for the kids (based on the conference I attended on Friday). They are PDF files. Any suggestions on how to post them here so I can share them?

If you have your own blog but don't know the answer, could you send people my way so I could get lots of input? THANK YOU!


Heather said...

We use Avira (my puter) And AVG on Brian's. Mine is a freebie - and I have small problems - Bri NEVER has any - but he had to pay for his.

Trace said...

We use Norton so I don't have any suggestions. As for the PDF file, try saving it as a picture (jpg or tiff). Or could you save it as an HTML file and put in on your sidebar or in a post by selecting the HTML tab and copying and pasting it? I always end up trying diffent things until I get stuff to work, and I work in an office (ha ha).

Mommy Brain said...

We use Symantec which you have. My Inlaws used to use Norton and said they noticed a difference when they switched to what I gave them.

Did you want to post the entire file so others can print it or just the contents so they can see it? If it's just the contents then you can save the file as text (File, Save as Text) to paste into your blog post or copy it to your image software and insert it as an image.

If you want others to be able to print it you'll have to host it somewhere else and insert a link into your blog. You can either save it as a text file and put it on Google Docs or you could host it on your miss rachel site as a pdf. Email me if I'm confusing you....

Trace said...

Ok, I was thinking about it. You could save them as picture files and join photo bucket or some similar site. There you can load pictures and they list the html code so you can link back to your blog. Ya know? Copy the html code from Photo Bucket, go to blogger and select add a new page element. You can add html and name it or you can add a link and name it.