Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Very impressive blogger, aren't I?
After posting that I was going to do NaBloPoMo, I posted nothing all weekend. I promise to do better. And this is still Sunday, so technically all I missed was Saturday. That's not too bad!

Not too much to write since it's already past my bedtime.

The meds have been great, though I didn't sleep well at ALL Friday night. I'm trying to give just one pill a day a week for my body to adjust before I attempt to change the dosage. All in all I'm thrilled with the way I have been feeling.

I had enough energy to sort through a TON of paperwork today after religious school, which felt great!!! And yesterday I was even able to reorganize all my business stuff so it no longer takes over a 1/4 of the playroom. I have grand plans for reorganizing the playroom this month, but forgot to take pictures of that section of the room for the "before" for the challenge from my favorite Organizing Junkie. Oh well, there's stil PLENTY left in the room to be organized!

Alright, off to bed!


O said...

Hi Rachel,
One day missed--not bad!
Some of the things on my sidebar I had to get codes for; others are out there (like the NaBloPoMo one--look under "blog buttons" on their site and then they give you code to copy). On the "Customize" part of the blog stuff, there's a place to add something to the sidebar; pick HTML code, and copy and paste. That's not probably much help...if you can sneak over here (or I over there someday) I can show you as much as I know! (Which will probably take all of three minutes!)

Trace said...

Congrats on your Provigil sucess!! After you posted the organization website I've been checking it out too. It is a good site!!