Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tonight's the Night

DH will actually be home in time for us to attend a birthday party as a family this afternoon (gasp) and will NOT be going out tonight (gasp gasp). So...after the kids are in bed I plan on talking with him about his schedule. I think I will be stressing the concepts: "Family needs to come first" and "Compromise" and "I feel like a single parent!"

Wish me luck.


O said...

Oh, Rachel, good luck. Really. I'm sending you good thoughts from here right now. It's so hard to have that hard conversation right when you want to relax together.
If it helps, we spent All Day At Home Together because poor Ryan was flipping out that we were too scattered and not at home playing together enough. And he was right.
Hang in there! We might see you Monday...?

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Hope he is able to put the needs of his family above the pleasure he gets from doing the show. Sometimes men just don't realise the effect they have -it's a case of I'm happy and busy so you must be ok. It sounds like he needs a reminder that his weddig vows included "forsaking all others" i.e. making YOU number 1 in his life.