Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday, Today, and Tonight

Today was one of those days that J just has not stopped whining and crying from the moment we stepped in the door, so I just put her in bed (as she's screaming, "But I'm not tired!!!) in her room. I told her that she just has to lay there until the timer I'm setting goes off ("No, Mommy, until it goes ON!" as the kids like to tell me, which would make a lot more sense.) and then I'll come get her. Anytime before when she has gotten like this, after about ten minutes she is sound asleep. I don't need her to go to sleep (though she sure seems like SHE needs it), but just to calm down enough so she's not crying anymore. Even if she just laid in bed listening to her music in the dark for about twenty minutes and didn't fall asleep, she'd still be getting some rest. However, I'd be quite surprised if she's still awake after that long.

Saturday was AMAZING! I was hired to entertain at a local school's fundraiser - a "Play-a-thon" and community yard sale. The deal I worked out with them was for me to do a different storytime/performance every hour and to lead a craft for the rest of the time. The fundraiser was from 9-2, so I performed at 10, 11, 12, and 1 - and the crowd kept getting bigger each time! Even the "big kids" (4th and 5th graders) were into it! Everytime I take my kids to see a kid performer I pick up some new techniques, so the latest addition to my repetoire was to offer my cards to the kids to bring back home. I think the only way this could have gone better was if people started hiring me on the spot to do their child's birthday party. I hope it pays off! I also gave out necklaces that I attached my business info to and flyers. I guess now we just wait and see. But I plan to start looking for other opportunities like this for me to perform and run a craft. Let me know if you know of any craft fairs, street fairs, block parties, stuff like that, coming up that might be looking for kids' entertainment. Thanks!!!

Now I have to get to work. It's DH's b-day, so I picked up food on our way home from school and now need to make a large meatloaf (his choice!) and mashed potatoes (jealous, DG?) and a cake with cream cheese frosting. And pick up the crap that's all around the house. And wash, fold, and put away yet another load or two of laundry. No problem.


Domestic Goddess said...


But I had the second best thing. Beeferoni. Total comfort food.

only me said...

Happy Birthday to Chas!
Hope you all have a great day.

Adorable Girlfriend said...


I hope this drums up new business.