Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thoughts I'm Pondering

  1. Why is my TiVo remote not able to control the tv's sound even though it has the buttons to do so?
  2. Why have I still not called the chiropractor about this pain in the back of my neck?
  3. How many more days of Passover are left?
  4. If I pretended to myself it was Passover all year long, how much weight could I lose?
  5. Why have not gone to bed yet?
  6. Tomorrow is the last day ever of the Parent and Me Shabbat Program I've been involved with either as a parent or as the teacher since the boys were three months old. What is the best way to commemorate this special occasion?
  7. I'm performing at a fundraiser Saturday. I'll be doing four different 15-minute performances, one each hour. What exactly am I going to do and will the school-aged kids actually enjoy what I do or think it's stupid?
  8. Why is it that my beloved synagogue could not serve a completely Kosher for Passover meal at our second night seder?!!
  9. I was able to clean the kitchen completely this afternoon - go me!
  10. Would I be totally crazy if I proposed to the Temple Board that I be in charge of the kitchen to ensure that basic kashrut laws are being followed at Temple functions and that it is getting cleaned and maintained on a regular basis? So many individuals use the kitchen and there is no one overseeing it - we're just having lots of problems.
  11. We have a babysitter for tomorrow night (it's been a LONG time!!!) and are going out, even though it's Shabbat. I know, shame on us, but I think time together as a couple is really important, and since I participte in two preschool Shabbat services during the day, maybe that can make up for the fact I'm ditching my family's Shabbat dinner. PLUS we got together for dinner tonight (my sister's b-day) and will again on Saturday (a semi-surprise BBQ my BIL is planning for my sis), so I think that more than makes up for missing one dinner. I don't know, am I justifying a little too much?
  12. I HAVE to get to bed. I will ponder more tomorrow (which, since it is now 12:03 AM, I guess is really today now).


Perky said...

Here's my answers to your questions:

1. I don't know.
2. I don't know.
3. Ends at sundown on Saturday (unless you follow the other tradition and wait until sundown the following day).
4. Not much. You'd go crazy trying!
5. No idea!!!! Get some sleep!!!!
6. By not volunteering to be in charge of the alumni chapter!!!
7. Good luck!
8. Good question. I'd like to discuss this further with you at some time because I had to handle this issue, too, this year. Let's compare notes!
9. Yay! Go You!
10. Yes, you would!!!! Do NOT do it!!!! Make an anonymous suggestion that the Kashrut policy needs to be looked at and disseminated, then run away!!!! You can be the kitchen maven in 20 years when the kids are gone. Trust me -- the shul will still need you to do it then!
11. Good for you -- enjoy yourselves! You both need it!
12. Yes, GET TO SLEEP!!!! You are only making everything harder by staying up!!!!

Miss you! Let's get together soon!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

It's OK to go out on Shabbat. Trust me!

As for Passover, mine had to end early due to a biz trip. I tried last year to stay kosher on one and it was too hard because the world relies on bread and bread products too much. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.