Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thirteen Things I Want

Thirteen Things about R

1) I want to only have my three children in my charge during the day. For those of you keeping track, I'm responsible for my nephew for 11 1/2 more days.

2) I want a clean house. I want to walk in it and feel good, not overwhelmed by all the crap.

3) I want to lose twenty five pounds. I'd settle for fifteen. But it's got to go.

4) I want the willpower to eat the way I need to in order to lose the weight. I know what to do - I just chose not to do it!

5) I want my children to be happy and healthy.

6) I want to know all the services that my sons qualify for and figure out exactly how to get ensure that each one gets everything they need, paid for by insurance, of course.

7) I want to figure out a way to use my time wisely: so I'm not burnt out but still able to keep up with the basic household chores, paperwork, bills, meals, groceries, laundry . . . PLUS find a chance to spend at least SOME quality time with the kids, either individually or as a group.

8) I want to finally finish up with the pile of paperwork I currently have to deal with right this minute so that all that will be left is the daily/weekly upkeep.

9) Same thing with the laundry.

10) I want to figure out right now exactly how much money we are going to need each month to get by once I'm not watching my niece and nephew anymore.

11) I want to figure out how to start getting hired as an entertainer for kids and a vocalist for weddings - all things that I have done professionally before but have not truely pursued. Maybe getting hired to do something that I love doing would be enough to pay the bills each month.

12) I want to make a goal and stick to it.

13) I want the house to run itself. I know that sounds kind of dumb, but I want to have my routines so automatic that I do them on autopilot. I went grocery shopping last night and then didn't finish putting everything away. I also didn't prep today's meals. Therefore I started the day with the groceries still out and have felt like I'm two steps behind all day.

And that's it. Not to much to ask for, is it?!


Cheryl said...

I'm with you on so many of those. I need to lose about 25 lbs. (and hopefully before my 10 year high school reunion in July) I weigh about the same as I was when I was 9 months pregnant with my baby girl. Arghhhh!

amy said...

I hope you get all of that done and more.YOu sure sound motivated

Perky said...

Hey! I'll hire you to perform at CutiePie's birthday in February!!! See how easy that was -- you've already got your first "gig" and, therefore, referral! I'll let you know when we pick a date (which I guess I ought to get started on since it's already next month!!! Geez - where does the time go?)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, don't let it all get you down. Square your shoulders, focus, and reward yourself with something wonderful when you're done.

Hang in there; you can do it!

Happy TT!

Just Me said...

Good luck with all your goals! You can do them. I think it's best to start with small steps and work towards the big goals.

pawpads said...

I know what you mean about having a tidy house. I hate coming home to a mess. Just need to get hubby and B to realise that now.
Happy TT.

Chickadee said...

Utilizing time can be so tricky at times, espeically when you've got a million different projects and interuptions. I"ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you accomplish your goals!

My 13 are up.

M-j said...

I don't think it is too much to ask! They are all obtainable goals, so work on them one thing at a time. Prioritize, make one at a time possible and then add the next one in. You can do it!

Raggedy said...

May all your wants come true!
I need to lose some pounds too!
Happy New Year
My TT is posted

scribbit said...

Good luck, it's good that you've written them down, that's the start of success.