Thursday, January 25, 2007

What am I thankful for today?

What am I NOT thankful for today?!!

Here are the top 13:

Thirteen Things R is Smiling About Today

1. I am down to three, count them, THREE kids.
2. That means I no longer provide full-time child-care to ANYONE except my own children.
3. To celebrate, my sister and I are taking all the kids to McDonald's for lunch after school.
4. Say what you will about the quality of McDonald's food, but NOTHING beats their fries!
5. To celebrate the fact that we can now have dinner whenever we want without having to wait until my nephew gets picked up some time between 5:30 and 6:15, we are taking the kids out to dinner tonight.
6. DH is taking sick day tomorrow (he is losing his voice) which means he will be able to come with me to the kids' school as B is the all-important Shabbat King tomorrow. B is SO excited!
7. I just met with the children's librarian at my local library who agreed to hire me to perform at one of the weekly kid shows they have over the summer.
8. She is also going to forward my show description to all the other libraries in the county, who will hopefully hire me as well.
9. Depending on their budget she may also be able to hire me to do some storytimes as well.
10. Getting paid to perform is incredible.
11. Being able to put out my flyers at each library when I perform or lead storytime, thus allowing me FREE advertising, is even better!
12. I had plans to get together with a friend this morning that fell through (I'm not smiling about that and hope she's okay!) but I bought Starbucks to bring to her house so I got to have my Chai Tea Latte (non-fat with no water and no foam, in case you were curious) today.
13. I love that even though I don't like coffee, I now have my very own "grown-up" drink.

So what are YOU smiling about today?

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Perky said...

Yay you!!! That's all great! I'm so happy for you! Make sure you forward the final flyer to me so I can pass it around to others I know. Do you by any chance have a Jewish-themed show in mind? I could suggest it to my synagogue! Can't wait for CutiePie's Pirate School Party!!!

gabriella hewitt said...

Happy TT! Agree with you on McD's fries. They're addicting.

Congratulations on the performance gig. I've been a SAHM and am now trying to build a writing career a step at a time, now that my boys are in school at least. It feels great to be recognized for talent that goes beyond taking care of your children.

All the best,
Excitement. Suspense. Passion.

Dark Water, Samhain Publishing Fall 2007

M-j said...

I hope that the library hires you for more! That would be PERFECT for you!!!!