Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mish Mash

Okay, here's a recap of my life since last I posted:

* I did TWO parties this weekend! One was my first "stranger" party, a person who saw my ad on-line and called me Friday to see if I could do her son's party on Saturday. Yikes! But I did it. :) And then I did my friend's son's party on Sunday. Both were so much fun!

* A woke up Monday complaining bitterly about his stomach. I thought it was because he was hungry and encouraged him to at least eat some Cheerios, but he only ate one. As we got ready to go to school he threw himself on the ground clutching his stomach, so I let him come back home with me after we dropped off B. He laid on the couch moaning all morning, needing me to sit with him. At lunch time, he looked so pale, I pushed jello. Big mistake. Let's just say that bright red and bright blue jello don't look so good coming back up. He stayed on clear liquids after that and kept them down, so today we moved onto the BRAT diet and he's doing better. Just in time for the boys' birthday tomorrow!

Okay, that's all I can think of right now. I have had LOTS of post ideas in my head, but not enough time to write them! I'll work on carving out more time.

Just had to answer the phone and talk to someone begging for money for their organization. What part of "We just can't afford to help this year but hopefully we will be able to next year." Do they not understand?!!!

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