Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Since last I posted, in no particular order . . .

* Dropped the kids off at school this morning and then went with my sister to the funeral of our next door neighbor from the house where we grew up. My family lived there for about 25 years or so, and we were all pretty close. I think of them as my surrogate grandparents. The Ds had a pool that we were welcome to use any time, and we all wore a path between our yard and there's through the years. Some of my fondest summer time memories are of going over to the D's pool and sitting under the shade of one pool umbrella, Mr. D. under the other, both of us reading The Star or The Enquirer, or some other stupid newspaper like that. Just the two of us, spending the afternoon together, laughing at the incredible articles in there.

* Once we got to the funeral and got a chance to see everyone (big family, lots of kids, many we hadn't seen in years and years) my cell phone rang - school was closing because the heat wasn't working properly. We had to go back and pick up the kids. So NOT the way I was planning to spend the day!

* Okay, my website is up and running, I've been sending out e-mails to spread the word, passing out business cards and flyers, have an ad on Google, signed up to be on the various search engines, added "metatags" to my web pages . . . NOW WHAT?!!!

* Made a HUGE financial mistake the other day and started my business checking account with our home equity line of credit. Only problem is we refinanced our line of credit over the summer into a fixed rate and did away with the line of credit part of it. OOoops! So now I have to go over to the printer's with my credit card and apologize like crazy!!!

* Had a FABULOUS weekend away scrapbooking with good friends. Finished my entire album for 2006. The secret? Take less pictures.

* Have to go tackle the ENORMOUS pile of clothes before it makes good on its promise to take over the house. Think I'm kidding? You haven't seen the pile.

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Anjali said...

Have you put your ad in the MOMS Club/Mothers & More newsletters? And not just your chapters, but perhaps you could put it in other nearby MOMS Club and Mothers & More chapters.