Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Take Two

Apparently, while I am an exceptional menu planner, I suck at menu plan following. I planned out what I considered to be a terrific plan last week. Ask me if I did even one of the recipes? Go on, you know you want to. The answer is: NOPE!

There were lots of reasons. Monday was Presidents' Day and we all had off from school. We had the kids go to a local kids' gym for their "holiday camp" (a.k.a. 5 hours of running around the Fun Factory in an attempt to burn off lots and lots of energy) while DH and I hung out at a local independent coffee house, each of us working on our laptops. It wasn't until we headed home that I remembered my plan had been to make stew, something that should have been cooking all day. Oops. We had pizza bagels on Monday.

Tuesday the boys didn't get off their bus, requiring me to track them down (they were on the bus, just too distracted to notice their stop), causing them to get home late, causing me to have to rush everyone into the car so we could drive DN-J home and come back in time to bring J to her dance class and set up the boys on the floor of the dance studio to do their homework so I could simultaneously watch J dance, keep B focused on completing his math hw, and force A to stop looking at some lady's cell phone as she texts someone else so he could complete his spelling. Because the boys didn't get off their bus, I didn't get to cook the fish that I was planning to make before dance class, which meant when her class was over at 5:30, there was no way everyone would survive me pulling together dinner when we got home. Since the class is right next door to McDonald's, I bet you guessed what we had for dinner that night.

The list goes on. I had a migraine one night so the kids ended up with PB and H (peanut butter and honey for those of you who don't know). DH was late and I was overwhelmed with work, so hello, frozen fishsticks. And on.

However. This is the beginning of a new week. Please refer to last week's menu plan. I'm ending this post now so I can get the makings of the beef stew into the crock pot now so it will be ready to go in the morning. No slacking off this week!


Eternal Lizdom said...

Boy oh boy do I hear you on this one!! This is so my life all too often! I've given up, for the most part, on cooking "real" family meals. Instead, my freezer is stocked with quick and easy go-to items like fish fillets, chicken nuggets, and so on. I've got a handful of "I know they'll eat them" recieps that I can usually throw together in about 20-30 minutes. We've been really trying to eat out a lot less which means that I have to cook a lot more. Sundays are the day I usually make a little extra effort- because I have a little extra time. Very little.

I did try menu planning and I did want it to work. The first lesson I learned was that my family doesn't "do" recipes. They want plain food- plain chicken, plain green beans, plain rice. Blah. But it does make my job easier!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Barbra Stephens said...

Wow. Talk about a mom on the go!
Sometimes it's like that.