Monday, March 19, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

B woke with a high fever today, so we cancelled the playdate I had scheduled for today for J and made arrangements for A to be taken to an afternoon birthday party for today.

Arrived at the Temple yesterday for religious school only to discover that the parking lots were a thick sheet of ice. We quickly made the decision that we had to cancel for the day since we didn't want anyone to fall. Spent the next hour calling all the kids in our classes to tell them not to come. Had time at home to relieve DH from watching the kids so he could get some school work completed, then had some time alone to work on some paperwork before heading to my in-laws for dinner.

J's birthday party was Saturday, and while we contemplated having to cancel due to the freak snow/ice storm from Friday, we didn't need to and she loved having her friends come over for a Wiggles party. Later that day we hosted the whole family for dinner and cake.

Friday A woke screaming that his ear hurt. Knew it was an ear infection, but still needed to bring him to the doctor for confirmation and medication. Sleet/freezing rain began early in the morning and soon gave way to snow and ice. We had to cancel my preschool lunchtime Shabbat program. My incredible sister came over with my niece and nephew for lunch and then stayed until dinner. We tried to get the kids to take a nap, but they all refused, making it a loooong afternoon. Got in a big fight with DH since I saw no problem with going to my parents' for Shabbat dinner (especially since we had to shovel their driveway anyway) but I found the roads fine as long as I drove carefully. My sister, DH, and I all took time shoveling out their driveway, though when we left after dinner, my parents' driveway looked like we hadn't even touched it.

It's been busy over here!

I have a ton of laundry to do today, and a lot of little areas to declutter and clean around the house, so B and J are camped out on the couch watching tv (only way I can get B to rest, and there's no way I can make B do it and not let J). I'm off!

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M-j said...

Holy Crud,
sounds like you had the same kind of weekend! BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!
That stinking storm really ticked me off. Sorry the kids are sick, It is not my favorite time! Hope they are both on the mend, and soon.