Friday, March 09, 2007

What Do You Think?

I need some advice.

I just got a call from someone who wants to hire me for her son's birthday party. Great! However, it's a very specific theme (Herbie the Love Bug) which I doubt anyone else will want, though I might be able to use some aspects again with other more common themes (cars, racing). This wouldn't be a big deal, but she won't commit until I send her the proposed list of things I will do with her kids. She wants to make sure it will definitely keep the kids' attention.

My concern is what if I do all the planning, send her the ideas, and she doesn't hire me, choosing instead to do it herself (using my ideas). I will have spent the time researching/planning without any compensation for it.

I guess I can plan stuff out and try to keep it more general. I just don't know.

What do you think?


mama k said...

wow. that is a good point. I guess until you have a "reputation" it will be hard to not give too much away. Maybe you could give her a timeline of activities without getting too specific? Do you have references that could tell her what a great job you do?
BTW that is a killer job!

Perky said...

I agree with Mama K -- give her a detailed list of non-specifics! Tell her that first, you'll teach them a song about Herbie, then, they will play a game in which they will pretend to be race cars, next they will color their own cars and finally, you will read them a story about a race car. Just getting used to planning parties and researching activities is probably good for you right now, but I wouldn't invest too much time if you don't feel like this may work out the way you expect!

I'm happy to give you a reference, too! You certainly kept everyone's attention at CutiePie's birthday party!

M-j said...

I agree with both of them. I can understand her wanting a detailed list, but think of it this way, if it doesn't pan out you can always keep the Herbie theme to the side and advertise that you have it, I bet someone else would want it!

Trace said...

I think everyone is right! VERY vague.

Sue said...

I understand the need to be vague. But do what you need to get the job. There are 8 more parents at the party that might want to hire you if you land this job. Go for the gold. Give the lady what she wants so you can be hired. A vague list may not work with this customer.