Thursday, March 29, 2007

Unexpected Opportunities

I was offered a potential job teaching a preschool class from 9-12 five days a week. It's not a guarenteed job, but I'm being given the heads up from the director to hand in my resume if I'm interested. I interested?

I had planned to begin teaching preschool when the boys were old enough to attend. Then I got pregnant with J and that plan had to change.

Teaching part time would give me the opportunity to teach again more than I'm doing now. I leave school every time I teach (Hebrew School, Religious School) so energized, almost walking on air. I really, really enjoy it.

My first concern was how I would deal with driving the kids to school, since they would need to be at kindergarten AFTER I would need to be at school and be picked up BEFORE I would be done. My sister thinks she can help with this, but can't 100% commit because she is consulting with her old job for a big project that will occur in October, so September and October might be a little crazy for her. But my mom also agreed that she would be able to help with driving. I also have a friend whose son might be in the same kindergarten class as the boys, and I might be able to get her to drive the boys to and from school, but that might be a huge imposition.

My other concern is how I would be able to continue getting everything done around the house like I've been doing. I've REALLY been enjoying having three mornings with all three kids in school, and I would lose that. BUT with the extra income I could afford to have all three kids stay at J's preschool twice a week after school for the enrichment program, giving me about two hours twice a week sans kids that I could use to pay bills, do paperwork, etc. PLUS I would have from now until September to "finish" organizing the house, in theory, which would make life easier. And I seem to think I might even use my time better if I had a set schedule every day.



Perky said...

That's an exciting possibility. My opinion (since you asked).... take the job! I think you'd really enjoy it and, like you say, you'd probably feel more energized. Besides, as the kids get older, you're going to be able to do more around the house while you're actually home with them. You'll find a way to make the transportation issues work out. Having your sister and mother on board is already great. Add in a friend.... you're almost there! Does the kindergarten have a before-care or after-care option? In my district, we have both, which really makes it easy to have school-age kids and also paid employment! It's also great for those totally unexpected crises that pop up!

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!

Anjali said...

Well, first off, congratulations. That sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

I guess my question would be -- what would you rather do with your life -- teach or entertain children (I laugh as I write this -- because they seem one in the same)? You seem to love both, and to be gifted in both. Are you enjoying your business? Would you enjoy teaching more?

Also, would the preschool have an opening for you to teach only 2 or 3 times a week this fall, so you can at least ease in, and then maybe the following year teach five days?

I'd follow your heart on this one. Logistics can always be worked out later. I agree with Perky -- perhaps the boys can do "before care."

M-j said...

A agree with our wise friends. If this is something you REALLY want to do, then go for it! I know how much you love it. It is a great opportunity.

pkzcass said...

Where are the boys going to kindergarten? In the local public school district? If so, wouldn't they bus? Or will they be in the same place they are now?

If you love to teach that much, then maybe you should seriously consider it. As for having the extra time to get things done, full-time working mothers manage, I'm sure you'll find a way.

Sue said...

Since you just stopped watching your niece and nephew you might want to take an extra year off to enjoy. There will be other employment opportunities. I agree with Anjali -follow your heart.