Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm not too fond of Blogger these days.

I have had so much to say, so much to record, so much I've been thinking about, and for some reason, Blogger has not been letting me get on my account to update my blog.

One really important thing happened Monday - did you hear the cheers coming from our house? A told me that he just pooped (a huge thing by itself since he usually has little awareness of his bodily funtions) and while I was cleaning him off, he told me that he thought he had a little more poop inside of him. He agreed to sit on the potty and actually managed to push a little bit of poop out. The smile that came over his face at his accomplishment was priceless (though the pricetag on the Gameboy he received as his reward, promised months ago, was HUGE!) - clearly he was not scared or upset about the poop going in the toilet instead of his pull-up or any such scenario as I imagined. He hasn't repeated this enormous event since then, but did voluntarily sit on the potty at school to try to do it again. Hopefully this is the start, the "breakthrough" that we needed, and we will be able to get him to do this more and more often. I'm just so incredibly proud of him!

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