Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Feeling so much better

Hormones suck.

PMS sucks.

Depression sucks.

That being said, I feel so much better now. For those of you who read yesterday's post and took the time to respond, thank you. You reallly made my day and help me put things in perspective.

Today is a new day, PMS is over (if you get what I mean), J and I have no school tomorrow, the kids and I have eaten lunch and they are now having "quiet time" on the couch - I'm ready to take on the second half of the day. Clean up from lunch (usually make the kids do it before quiet time begins, but . . .), take a chunk out of Mt. Washmore, do some 5-minute-Room-Rescues downstairs - here I go!

1 comment:

O said...

Good for you. But oy, it's depressing, isn't it? You'd think the dishes could stay washed, or the clothes pile stay down, wouldn't you? I think the myth of Sysephus (sp?) was written by a housekeeper.
Hang in there.