Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Wedding

We survived the weekend away.
Car ride to VA was a little challenging with J, but overall she did a great job. I packed a TON of snacks for her, and every time she started fussing, I offered her one. I know, great mothering, but you do what you have to do!

The wedding itself was fabulous with a big casual dinner on Saturday night so we all got a chance to catch up, a terrific day on Sunday that started with a one o'clock before wedding ceremony (for the bride and groom to sign the ketubah, the wedding contract) complete with food/drinks/music. J fell asleep in my arms towards the end of that and proceeded to sleep through the entire wedding ceremony, which probably ended up for the best. The reception was incredible - the band played every style imaginable and played them really well. J LOVED dancing with me. She seemed to think that the dancing time was kind of her special time, and even walked out on the dance floor and sat down to watch while the bride and groom had their first dance. I was going to go get her but everyone told me to leave her there, that it was cute.

There was a casual breakfast the next morning, and then we hit the road. J still had moments of whining and fussing, but overall she did great! I was so incredibly relieved.

And now we're back to life, back to reality . . .


Domestic Goddess said...

Sounds like a nice time! Glad you got to go!

O said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear it. The whole food-to-calm thing? I forget sometimes they do have smaller tummies and so it takes more feedings, so just let it go.
Glad the trip ended safely and went well--sounds wonderful. Hope the boys' weekend was nice too.

Anjali said...

Wonderful. And I'm BIG when it comes to snacks on long trips. Nothing keeps my girls better behaved than when their munching on something!