Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Son's New Love

I love my TiVo.

I really can't say that enough. It's incredible.

But no matter how much I love it, my love just does not compare to A's. He tells strangers on the street about our TiVo. He reads the manual and definitely knows how to make it do more things than I do. He has even entered various words into the WishList for the TiVo to record various topics (he entered his own name and also entered Bob - for Bob the Builder).

In fact, ask him what he wants to be for Halloween, he'll proudly tell you that he's going as the TiVo guy. We've worked out that he will wear a box that we will paint black (anyone have a big box we can use?) and write TIVO in the appropriate letters across his chest and make antenni (sp?) to put on the top of his head (I talked him out of putting them in his ears as he initally wanted). He even has a Tivo dance!

While I'm trying not to let him, he will climb up on anything to steal the Tivo remote and call up various kid show episodes that we have recorded and read them all off to the kids in the room until everyone agrees on one show, then he selects it so they can all watch.

This afternoon, tragedy struck. When A climbed up to do something with the Tivo, somehow he touched the wrong thing. The Tivo is black on the tv screen. I can't even get live tv on. Luckily, I was able to distract both boys with extra computer time. J is sleeping on the couch and DN-A and DN-J are asleep upstairs. I'm counting the minutes until DH is home and can hopefully fix it. I can't go back to watching regular tv again. I just can't.


M-j said...

That is so funny about Aaron. Hope you get it fixed QUICKLY.
Nothing is worse than when our digital cable, and therefore our videos, go out. And I am sick and have no other way to distract the kids!

Chaotic Mom said...

I'm with you BOTH on this. I LOVE DVR and am devastated when it goes out. We have Comcast TV, internet and phone. Fortunately, the TV goes out much less than the other two.

Trace said...

We don't have a Tivo per se, but my brother built us something called a MythTV and it is the same idea. WE LOVE THE MYTH!! I am now able to watch shows that are on after 9pm (my bedtime). Or, we are able to watch Penn State games if we have other obligations and aren't able to catch them. But yes, when it breaks we are VERY upset. It always seems to break when it is set to copy our favorits shows...Lost or BattleStar Galactica (yes, I am a SciFi geek). Last year it seemed as if every Wednesday (Lost night) it would break. Hope you guys can get it up an running.

Lucy T said...

Ha! Barbara has her Divo backup singer/dancers and you have your Tivo backup in Aaron! Sounds like your dream can still come true!