Thursday, October 19, 2006

R and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Afternoon

Sorry, Alexandar, but I've been having one of those afternoons.

When I went upstairs for a moment while the kids were eating breakfast, A pulled a chair over and grabbed my supplies of poker chips (token economy for behavior modification) and spread them all over the floor.

Then after everyone ate and I tried to put them down for a nap, only J (DN) was content to stay in bed. Both J and A (DN) refused to take a nap, and they both REALLY need it.

This interrupted the conference call I had scheduled for naptime to discuss A's OT, which they now say while they agree he would benefit from Sensory Integration Therapy, it would need to be done on a private (read - we pay) basis since he did not qualify with the OT testing done over the summer. Well, he DOES qualify for SI, but since kids can no longer receive services simply for SI. He scored REALLY high on the visual/motor (?) part of the test, so high that even though he scored low on the sensory part, the scores balance out and show that he doesn't qualify for more than he has on his IEP (huh?!), however hopefully the OT can create some therapies/strategies that I and his special ed itinerant teacher can do with him on a regular basis and that will be enough. We will meet with her on Monday.

After my phone call, I went downstairs only to find that B is toasting something all on his own (Um, hello - you're FOUR! Stay away from the things that produce heat!), A is running the microwave (Read what I just wrote for your brother!), and J and A (DN) are eating all of my bread for sandwiches (yeah, the bread that is still FROZEN).

I then went to the TiVo to put on Bob the Builder at my nephew's request, only to discover that A has someone entered in a password (that he no longer remembers) and has set a Parental Lock on EVERY SHOW on tv and that has been recorded. It took me half an hour, but I finally broke the code (4444). I now have the Tivo remote hidden on top of the microwave - please remind me when I post again that I have now lost the remote.

And I just heard the telltale click of the toaster oven - better go see what surprises they are leaving for me now.

I just don't understand when I hear other SAHMs complain that they're bored - that's never a problem around here.


Anjali said...

Ok, I've tried posting a comment to this several times already. Hopefully this time it will work.

I'm so sorry for your bad day, but it was funny to read!

Also, those of us who are bored SAHMs are bored because we have less than half the number of kids you do (and no infants around)!

Hope you have time over the weekend to recover from your day!

Chaotic Mom said...

RACHEL!!!!! And the day started so WELL, too!

BTW, you've just reminded me of a conference call I have tomorrow with Little Guy's developmental ped. THANK YOU. I almost forgot about it.

And yes, I do find the "system" very frustrating. And I also have some experience with sensory integration. There ARE things you can do at home, but it sure as heck would help to have a pro guide you through the exercises. Maybe pay for one on a monthly basis, vs. a weekly? They could then eyeball him, his skills and abilities, and give you things you can do through the next month to help him in the right direction.

Hey, thanks for the coffee and the friendship. Saves my sanity to know I'm "not alone" in this craziness.