Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Quick Update

Since Saturday:
- B swallowed a penny which we're still waiting to pass. Love is looking through your child's poop with two popsicle sticks while he is complaining that it smells too much for him to stay in the bathroom. Yeah, because that's my idea of a fun time. At least he did say after the first time I did this, "Thanks for looking in my poop, Mommy." Aawww, just kind of melts your heart.

- I was able to fill out the reams of paperwork for the developmental pediatrician before my hand dropped off from fatigue.

- A was able to be examined by the developmental pediatrician (appointment only took us 8 months to get, so I shouldn't complain) who completely confirmed the Asperger's diagnosis. She had some new ideas for us to try, one of them being a way to get him more aware of his bodily functions. So now he gets a poker chip in a jar every time he stays dry for a half hour chunk of time, five chips equaling computer time. I'm also getting him to sit on the potty a few times a day while he plays a hand-held electronic game, something he can only play while sitting on the potty.

- Of course, can't start a reward system for one without setting something up for the others, so now we have three other jars set up with each of them having a different reason that they can earn chips. Fun, fun, fun.

- Invited J's playgroup over yesterday. Couldn't get the kitchen cleaned in time, but was fine telling them to just ignore the mess. Didn't get all bent out of shape about it - big improvement for me.

- Dealt with the 911 call yesterday (okay, actually DH dealt with it while I was at school) - see yesterday's post.

- Waiting for this day to end so I can make sure DH is okay. Apparently there are big time rumors flying around his school that someone is coming in to shoot up the school today. Yeah. That's just peachy. Hopefully it's just rumors!

Alright, off to finish getting them ready for school and then off to meet Chaotic Mom for coffee.

Not even enough time to do an official Thursday Thirteen. Maybe next week!

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M-j said...

Glad it went well at the Devel Ped. Make sure you keep the second appt, because it is always a good idea to keep a second opinion, you know?