Saturday, October 14, 2006

Super Saturdays

You know, as much as I miss having Saturday mornings to myself, like I used to, but I'm actually enjoying these Saturdays that I have the kids. DH now works every Saturday, which is tough, but at least it's just my three, so it feels ALMOST easy. Today I took the kids to get their hair cut (surprisingly B has the hardest time with that, as long as I let A have a say in which order he gets his cut). Afterwards we went to a flea market, where I let them each spend $2 (they made out pretty well and I got a new purse for $2 and a Channukah present for my nephew), then to lunch at KFC/Taco Bell, and finally, to the library to pick out new books and videos and play a little with the the train table. It became clear that I had pushed my luck when it was time to leave and A could not stop touching things. This is what happens when he's tired. He has a really hard time listening and remembering the rules.

In any case, the kids are laying down having "quiet time" (though I hear that A has found the remote that I hid and is fast forwarding/rewinding the video) so after I take care of the video, I plan to sort and do a lot of laundry and clean up as much as I can. DH is going out to dinner with friends after rehearsal (it's only fair - I had a fabulous dinner out with the ladies from my street on Thursday) so I can do a simple dinenr for me and the kids and put them to bed earlier, especially since no one is even close to resting.

I'm off!

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M-j said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a good day with them. I know ALL ABOUT pressing my luck with the kids. I always think I can squeeze one more in, and WHAM! They remind me of exactly why I cannot do that!