Thursday, October 26, 2006


Just read over my blog for the past few weeks and realized that I need to stop focusing on my stress. A lot of good is going on too. Like finding out the microwave has a child lock on it so kids can't make it turn on by themselves. Or figuring out how to use the new KidZone on the Tivo so A can't make anymore changes. Or restarting our "poker chips" for all four kids to reward positive behavior (each kid has two rules they have to try to do/not do - we check on it every thirty minutes and they earn a chip for each rule they did/didn't do) and having it work.

So I have not done my 30 days of peace consistently, but I'm going to try to end each day reflecting on something that made me happy that day.

And today was definitely the fact that I got so much paperwork done and redid my filing system. Much easier to find stuff, got rid of a lot of papers (have a huge pile ready for my shredder), it looks great! And what a sense of accomplishment!

I'm heading to bed now, hope to be asleep by 10. J's been getting up a lot at night. She's too young to be trying to stay dry at night! Wish I could convince her to just pee in her pull-up instead of waking us up 3-4 times so we can remind her that she can just pee in the potty, she doesn't need to tell us, and then to help her back in bed. I mean, I'm glad she's doing this and is so aware of it and all, but sheesh - I need my sleep!!!


Lauren said...


I'm always glad to read your "30 days of Peace."

Another subject: Would hubby's insurance cover some Sensory Integration (they call it OT on the paperwork)? My husband's old company covered 70 percent of out-of-network OT.

Anjali said...

But if you vent about stress here, on your blog, you then won't take it out on the kids or your husband or yourself, later. So, do what you have to do to be sane, and peace will follow.