Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Random Thoughts (13 of them, to be precise)

Thirteen Things about R

1. Met up with M-J for coffee this morning - nice to talk about OT and PT and ASD and ABA with someone else who is going through it.

2. Missed going to the gym, so I worked out at home, even built up a sweat.

3. My eating/diet has been so out of control it's not even funny.

4. I'm contemplating using Slim Fast again.

5. I did it before my wedding and it worked, but it's hard - I was hungry!

6. I probably should join WW and do it in person this time.

7. I know it comes down to just watching what I eat.

8. And I know it's obviously not that simple or NO one would be overweight.

9. I have a tough time feeling the least bit hungry - I need to eat to fill that empty feeling immediately.

10. Wonder if that's connected to being anorexic (in the past) and feeling hungry all the time?

11. Was so tired at Hebrew School last night and one of the aides walked in and asked if anyone wanted a Chai Tea Latte (my current all-time favorite drink). Uh...yeah!!!

12. I could beat myself up over not going to bed on time the last two nights, but that doesn't seem to work. Just have to go to bed early tonight, maybe by 9?

13. And I'm hungry. Alright, need to take a shower, fold the laundry, make lunch for the kids AND something healthy for me, all in the next 25 minutes. No problem (insert sarcastic tone here).

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Shannon said...

Hang in there!

Have a happy Thursday!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I have been SOOO hungry lately too. I can't seem to control myself. I did join Weight Watchers and became life time, but then my kids were sick (easy excuse for me) for 10 weeks and I stopped going. Also stopped because I gained 4 pounds (let's be honest, that is the REAL reason I stopped going). I need to start going again and get back in the groove. I can definitely sympathize with you. I'm sending you great weight loss and control vibes. Just try and take it one day at a time. YOU CAN DO IT:D

JAM said...

I'm a 44 year old man, lamenting the fact that, well, I can't lose weight by the bucket load like when I was 24. Oh well.

I've been on Atkins this whole year, and have lost about 45 pounds. Not as much as I want, but I HAVE to succeed this time. My doctor is pleased. This has been the easiest diet to stay on that I've ever tried. The two times I went off of it, I went back on it after 3 days because I felt terrible. Plus my cholesterol dropped 60 points on this diet.

I can honestly say that I feel dramatically better when I'm on this diet. Plus, even when my stomach is empty and growling, I don't get that feverish, gotta eat something mental state that sends me off the other diets.

Good luck to you, like my doctor told me, when you plateau, and you will, stick with the diet anyway. The weight loss will kick in again.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I have been having eating issues lately too. I have never stopped to wonder if the way I am always hungry is in any way related to my eating disorder of the past. Hmmm. . . something to think about

Geggie said...

I love chai too! Have a great week!

Crazy Fat Chick said...

Eating is a problem for me to. Last year I lost 40lbs in 3 months on Atkins. But, my living situation changed and I ended up going back to bad habits. Hang in there.

Thanks for stopping by.

Christine said...

A Chai Tea Latte sounds so good right now!
I agree with C and J's mamma. Take it one day at a time! Hang in there!
Have a happy Thursday!

busy91 said...

Dieting is NEVER fun. *sigh* I give up most of the time. The only program that works for me is "Body For Life". I've done it 3 times, but it is tough.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I like this TT thing.

Chaotic Mom said...

I missed coffee with you guys, but had an interesting time at the hospital with my friends. Well, frustrating, but glad I went. It was good to see them, been years.

Despite what some may tell you, it's NOT that simple. I agree with you. I'll try Slim Fast if you do it, too. And maybe even WW, no kidding. There's more to it that what you eat. I like exercise, too. Not just to burn calories, but for the feeling it gives me.

Hang in there!!!!!

Jaci Burton said...

The vicious cycle of dieting sucks, doesn't it? Eating small meals frequently seems to always work for me to stave off hunger. That and just moving around to keep the metabolism going. Burn the fat and keep the body fueled.

Hugs because I know it isn't easy. But hey, you worked out and you didn't go to the gym. Kudos to you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Miranda said...

Dieting is a hard thing to do. Good luck with it.

Happy THursday!

Peg said...

Good for you on working out!

I have a problem of not going to bed on time, too! And yet, my boy still gets up at the same time.

Best to you,

Lauren said...


I highly recommend Weight Watchers, and not online if you have trouble sticking to it. You gotta have that fear of The Scale Lady. I have been doing it for 2 1/2 weeks. When I get hungry I drink herbal tea or eat veggies.