Saturday, November 04, 2006

Things I Need to Do Each Day

Every day, I have to:
1) Get out of bed before the kids do. This is so hard and I've really been struggling with it, but life is so much easier when I get, shower, and dress before I have to function with them.

2) Do one load of laundry. That's it. Just one. If I don't, I develop huge piles that take forever to get through, and J runs out of clean underwear since she still has lots of accidents.

3) Shine the sink. This is my habit I'm trying to develop for this month.

4) Pick up everything off the floor. When I don't we just end up starting the day with the house a mess and it just escalates.

5) Get to bed early. It will make getting out of bed early SOOOO much easier. And I won't feel this complete and utter sense of fatigue wash over me at this time of day.

6) Take the time to reflect on what is truly important to me and act accordingly. It's not tv. It's not surfing through other blogs on the computer (gasp!). I need to focus on the kids.

Okay, now that I wrote that out, I'm going to sneak in a quick nap since J is finally staying in bed after fighting this nap for about half an hour and the boys are watching a video they just got from the library. I don't have much time!

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