Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shaving Cream Fun

The youngest three were napping and I found a time to let A play with shaving cream (an OT idea for his tactile seeking). A and B are now playing in the tub. I sprayed shaving cream on the walls and they're having a blast spreading it all over themselves and the tub. Soon I'll turn the shower sprayer on and clean them off (and the walls). And that's two birds (four birds?) with one stone - A gets his therapy in and they both get their baths for the day done.


And I did my Organizational Challenge yesterday and today, fifteen minutes on my chosen project. What a difference just thirty minutes has made!!! I love knowing that I'm going to be working on this for the whole month. That means there is no pressure to push myself to keep working past the timer, possibly burning out before a week has even gone by. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow to decide how to use all my baskets that I got to organize my cabinets.


M-j said...

Shaving cream is fun! They make tub foam specifically for this purpose that is soap based. I've seen it in the aisle in Target where you get tub crayons and tub paint (also good for OT!).

Trace said...

You go girl!!!