Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Sick One

J turned four today by coming into our room at 1AM burning up with fever. Happy birthday, Baby! I guess I can't really call her a baby anymore - she corrects me everytime I do it anyway. But she will always be my baby!

J has been sick since Tuesday. She's had a runny nose for awhile, but who doesn't this time of year? On Tuesday we determined she had a low grade fever. While she seemed okay the next day, her head was warm so we kept her home. And she ran around the house and played with all her toys. I started guessing that maybe my "mommy sensor" was off. She felt a little warm but was acting absolutely fine. I took her temperature with our thermometer but think we need a new one - it never even got up to normal. So she and I went to school on Thursday and Friday and she had a regular day on Saturday, though she did seem a little more tired than usual and actually took nap on Thursday. Yesterday, however, whenever I met up with the kids and DH in the afternoon I felt her head and there was no question about a fever. We put her to bed early and called all her party guests so we could reschedule her party for later this week. And she joined us in bed burning up.

We actually gave her some medicine to bring down the fever, but eventually I had to carry her back to her room because she was such a furnace I couldn't fall asleep lying next to her. She seems in good spirits today, but still clearly has a fever. I got a doctor's appointment for later this afternoon, and I expect them to tell us her ears are infected or something like that, some cause for the fever.

What a way to celebrate the day she joined our family!


Domestic Goddess said...

poor baby! Hope she feels better soon!

Mommy Brain said...

Awwww, poor Julia. Hope she feels better soon!