Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is the best I can do

Crazy day.

Crazy week.

Too tired to write in complete sentences.

Got kids dressed and out the door. Double-checked that the boys had on underwear AND had their pants facing the right direction (apparently this has been a problem at school - yeah, don't I feel like mother of the year).

Set up room for class today.

Met with parent for a conference.

Taught my two year olds from 9-12.

Drove my children plus my nephew to my sister's for lunch.

Left them there and went for a stress echocardiogram. Yep, nothing like stripping to my waist for a room full of women I just met, getting all hooked up with wires, being poked and prodded and holding my breath till they find JUST the right picture, walking/running on the treadmill until my heart is beating at 90% capacity (?), jumping off said treadmill and laying down immediately to be poked and prodded and forced to hold my breath while I'm gasping for air. Good times.

Set up for my final drama class (after-school enrichement class)/performance. Since we hadn't been able to finalize the show, I thought fast on my feet and created a talk show/interview performance where I had their characters tell the story with my prompting. Luckily it worked great.

Got home and made dinner for my family plus my sister and her kids (DH repaid J watching our kids earlier today by watching hers while she subbed for Hebrew School).

Helped (yay, DH was HOME!) get kids ready for and in bed.

Watched America's Next Top Model ("Wanna be on top?" - best theme song EVER!) with DH. Yes, we were too tired for anything more intellectual.

And now I'm updating my blog.

Then I'm off to bed.

I hope to have more interesting things to write about tomorrow.
For now, this is the best I can do.

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