Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My sanity has fallen and it can't get up.

As I've written about for the last two days, Monday I fell down my stairs. I feel like a big baby still complaining about this, but I busted my lip open so it's still swollen and gross looking but the worst is that I landed smack on my back on the hard wood floor. My body really hurts. It's getting better, but last night my neck hurt so bad by the time I got in bed I started crying from pain just from putting my head on the pillow. :( I have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow, and I know that will help, but for now it doesn't feel good.

Yesterday I had to bring J home from school because she was acting sick. By the time we got home, she seemed fine, BUT today she woke with a fever. I wasted half an hour this morning trying to find a sub - only a waste of time since I couldn't find anyone. Hate missing school but if she's sick, she's sick. Except besides the fever, she's fine! Right now she's downstairs trying to boss her brothers around to set up for a show they're going to perform. I have no idea if this fever is going to stick around or not, so no way of knowing what the deal is for tomorrow yet.

B brought home the class teddy bear yesterday. I was out last night bowling with Bossy and lots of other Philly-area bloggers (more on that tomorrow), and even though I left everything ready to go back in the bag it came home in, at some point last night one of the kids took everything out of said bag and transferred it to the black hole that must exist in every house. When questioned about it, B has NO IDEA where some of the stuff could possibly be, but was very upset about bringing the bag back without all the stuff in it. Since I had to drive them to school this morning anyway and walk them to their classroom, I got a chnace to explain to the teacher that we can't find the folder, but everything else is inside. She was NOT happy. I tried explaining to her that he was very upset about this, which is why we ended up being late for school, and that I would buy her a new folder. Hopefully that will make up for it if we just can't find it. Today the bear came home with A, so we have another day to find it. Cross your fingers. I'm clearly getting a reputation at school since I have forgotten to pack snacks for the boys for their once-a-week snack day sometimes causing my boys to cry (good mommmy) and the boys have gone to school without their folders (I KNOW they were in there at one point; where the boys left them is ANYONE'S guess!) AND with their pants on backwards. Yep, mother of the year over here. Have to figure out a way to make the whole going to school with everything we need run smoother.

Anyway, my point after this whole long list of excuses and whining (sorry!) is that I need some accountability for ALL that I need to do. Here is my list for the rest of the afternoon, to attempt to accomplish between redirecting the kids towards somewhat meaningful opportunities and trying to keep J from running around too much in the hopes that this will make her all better:

1) Laundry (have to get caught up so DH will stop asking if I got a chance to wash his pants - he HAS to learn to wear his pants more than once before washing them)

2) Balance checkbook and pay bills (have been doing great with this but it got away from me this month)

3) Make dinner (something more than grilled cheese)

4) Clean kitchen counters (ewwww...)

5) Clear off dining room table and sofa table (so sick of looking at the piles of crap)

6) Deal with at least SOME of the papers (I was attempting to do that on Monday, had a basket of paperwork that had piled up and my cute file box in my hand as I walked down the stairs. The papers went flying and the file box landed hard on my face. I guess I should be happy it didn't break my nose.)

7) Work with the kids on creating a routine that would make the mornings go smoother.

8) Take them to the library so I can pick up the book I need to read for Book Club tomorrow night (good thing I'm a quick reader but this might be pushing it)

9) I had three different things I wanted to do tonight outside of the house, but think my time would be better spent with DH discussing a better way of dividing up the house responsiblities so I don't lose my mind.

10) Plan out meals for the rest of THIS week at least. My weight has skyrocketed and I need to get it under control. Planning meals (and sticking to that plan) will help, just have to DO it!
This is all I can deal with tonight, but I have a party to do on Saturday, my first tea party, and need to figure out what I can easily make for the tea party portion of it. I also need to finish planning the activities to make sure I have enough and don't wait until the last minute like I did for last week's party.

If you have ideas that pop into your head after reading this, ideas that might help me pull it all together, please share them! I feel like things were kind of in balance but me falling and J getting sick have toppled the precariously piled bits of my sanity off and I'm struggling to pick up all the pieces and put them in their proper places.


Domestic Goddess said...

You aren't a bad mom!
Hey, we all have crappy stuff happen. Kids go to school without underwear and in backwards pants. It happens.
Have you sent your kid into school with a raging ear infection and pneumonia? Apparently, I did.

HG said...

ACK! That is a ridiculous list.

My first suggestion is though, when the DH asks about pants, to throw them at his head and point him to the washer and dryer :) You can kick him for good measure too. You have my permission.

Mommy Brain said...

1. {{{{hug}}}}
2. Stop being so hard on yourself. Seriously. At least your kids will only be in school for a year with that teacher. My kids stand naked/covered in yuck/crying in the front window for all my neighbors to see. Neighbors who will be there for a long time. All kidding aside, everyone has those days/weeks/months. I'm sure you're not the only mom this has happened to.
3. Yes, that is a ridiculous list. Which of the flybabies said that you should write your to do list down then take off half of it? Can't remember but she's very smart.

nutmeg said...

May I suggest beer and junk food? Oh, we tried that already? How about a long bath?

RuthWells said...

Hey, until you've forgotten to pick up your 9-year-old after a late-returning field trip and left him standing in the cold dark for over 30 minutes with only his teacher for company, you CANNOT call yourself a bad mother.

I would be very happy to send M. over to teach your darling hubby how the washing machine works...

O said...

I'm a big fan of hooks waaaay off the floor for hanging school bags that Should Not Be Touched Because They Have What They Need, Thank You Very Much. And the big diaper pin on there holds a note for Daddy who can often be duped by the 4 year old about the whole thing.
And at least your kid/s feel bad about this. Mine is actively looking for ways to break the rules. "But WHY do you listen to Mrs. M when she says not to bring toys? I want to bring a toy! What if it's just a little one and she doesn't see it? What if it's a big, big one and I explain to her that I have it?" Yes, my baby lawyer rides again. And if his all-time favorite toy had not been lost when he took it to school on on "Favorites Day"--the last day before WINTER BREAK, of course--I might not feel as strongly. But if they can't keep track of his FAVORITE toy on a day they know it's coming? I'll never see that stuff again. Which I don't care about. But I know he will...
Happy hunting & good luck...

Sue said...

Take a day off!