Saturday, March 29, 2008

The list of things in my head right now

I know, I know, it's not a very creative title. But I almost published this post without any title at all, so I guess any title is better than none, right? Just nod and smile, make me feel better about my lack of creativity.

I am so bad at this NaBloPoMo thing! The theme for March is lists, so I figured I could at least make a list for today's post. So here it is, the top things I'm thinking about tonight:

  1. I worked out a way, looking at all our "extra income" (i.e. the money we both make that is not part of our regular salaries), to pay off the Discover Card debt by the end of the summer! And I did this while also putting aside money to cover the fact that I don't receive a salary over the summer AND allow us to spend up to $100 a week on family activities to do over the summer. I'm SO excited about this fact!! I typed it all up (because I'm a dork like that) so DH can see it in black and white to ensure that we are both on the same page.
  2. I finally received the cool storage unit from Target (it's just like the one I linked to except it's white). DH set it up last night and it looks GREAT!
  3. I am almost caught up on the laundry, though as my cousin writes, unless we all sit around naked, there will ALWAYS be laundry to do. She has inspired me to institute a "Naked Day" at least once a month so I can be completely and totally caught up, at least for a few hours. I haven't decided if I'm kidding or not yet.
  4. I went to see an amazing service last night at my Temple. My friend, Brian, was commissioned to compose an entire service, writing new melodies and arrangements for all the prayers chanted and sung during a Friday night service. In addition to the Temple's choir and other professional singers all volunteering their time to perform, there was also an oboe and bass player from the Philadelphia Orchestra (both Temple members) joining in with Brian on the baby grand as accompianment. It was an incredible experience!
  5. I joined my Temple's choir at the age of 12, the youngest member ever. I quit a few years ago, unable to continue attending rehearsals each week what with the kids and all. I miss it. I miss performing. Singing for little kids is great, but it's not quite the same. Last night's service was so amazing, so inspiring, that I am now committed to figuring out a way to be part of the choir again.
  6. Tried a new recipe the other day that actually turned out pretty good. Everyone ate it without complaining! Wow, if that now qualifies as a successful meal in my mind, my standards sure have changed. That's kind of sad.
  7. The cantor at the Temple developed larengytis this weekend and asked me to substitute for her this morning at services. I was happy to do it, but I forgot the rule about not eating/drinking milk before singing and it took me about two songs to stop working hard to get over the need to clear my throat. And I was also sad to discover that while I've developed my chest voice a lot over the past few years, singing more to capture kids' attentions, I feel like I've lost the lower range of my head voice. Fortunately the last song I sang was Sabbath Prayer, which was perfect for my current range, so at least I was able to end the service well. And, hey, it's always more important to END well so that's what everyone remembers.
  8. Obviously I'm having WAY too much fun creating all kinds of links (Well, you just knew I had to find a link describing what a link is!). Since it is now almost midnight, we're now on to the next issue I've been thinking about . . .
  9. I've been staying up way too late. This is not good for me, and it definitely doesn't help my narcolepsy. Okay, just ONE more link. I get to sleep in a little tomorrow, but still have to be out the door by 9. I better finish up down here and go to sleep!


Trace said...

Oh wow, that was 9 days worth (hee hee).

Anjali said...

Love the links. And you post links much better than I do!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

You totally should have let me know about Temple. I would have gone.