Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Celebrating 11 Years of Marriage

If you ran a fancy hotel and had a couple purchase your "Romance Package" for a night, would you put them in an adjoining room with a family with young children?

Our weekend without kids was such a treat! Friday night we had dinner and saw a movie, then hung out at a bookstore for a little, all without worrying about how much we had to pay the babysitter. Saturday we slept in then went out for breakfast, bringing our bagels to Borders where we spent a nice relaxing portion of the day. We went to a party for all our theater friends, many of whom we haven't seen all year. So nice to be able to relax at a party without chasing kids around. I was able to drink lots of fruity drinks, dangle my legs in the hot tub, chat with a whole bunch of different people. DH only got roped into reading one script to consider doing the show, which is not too bad. We both had a great time, and ended up staying WAY later than we thought we would. Next year (since my sister has agreed to do this again and the party is an annual event) we won't reserve a hotel room, since we didn't end up getting there until 12:30. And since the kids in the adjoining room woke us up around 7, it wasn't the best hotel experience in the world. I managed to put a pillow over my head and doze, but it didn't end up being what I anticipated. DH and I did manage to make the best of it, and let's just say without going into too many details that I hope the kids next door didn't hear too much! We spent a few more hours at another bookstore and then went to my sister's to get the kids. We were actually missing them by then!

The boys were thrilled to see us, throwing themselves at us and telling us how much they missed us. J, on the other, was pissed! She literally turned her back on us and stuck her nose in the air. She was NOT happy to see us - she seemed to want to punish us for being away for so long. Eventually she seemed to get over it, but it was a hillarious, unexpected reaction.

All in all, it was a great anniversary weekend. Happy 11th anniversary, DH!


EmilyRoseJewel said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear it was an overall blessing for you! Next time you will know about the hotel thing and make sure you aren't disturbed. It is nice to get refreshed.

M-j said...

A very nice way to spend your aniiversary!
I, for one, prefer to stay home without the kids, just because I rarely get to rest in my refuge without the pitter-patter of tiny feet. It would be a nice treat to sleep in and not worry about having to get up at 7!
Glad you had a nice weekend! Happy Anniversary!

Missi said...

WOW, that sounded fun! Happy

Anjali said...

Congratulations, Rachel. And if you do try another hotel next year, might I recommend a white noise machine? They block out even the loudest of kid noises!

owlhaven said...

Happy Anniversary!