Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pros and Cons

Pros of staying here and renovating:
1) Worked with my mom and have a great plan on what to do with the house - two story additon, second floor would add a master bedroom suite (sweet!) and would make the current master bedroom into a guest room/office, first floor would make the current dining room into an extension of the living room, would make my current kitchen into a walk in pantry and laundry room (very nice), current laundry area would become a powder room, then addition space would be an open kitchen/dining area with lots of space and counters and cabinets, plus a mudroom.

2) Am getting a huge shed delivered soon which will give us so much outdoor storage

3) The pirate ship that we fell in love with will also be delivered at the same time and will give the kids even more climbing area outside

4) Have now come up with fabulous painting ideas for the whole house

5) Went to Linens and Things with my sister on Sunday for a new shower curtain for my bathroom with the ugly peach tile. Ended up with a shower curtain and bath rug, matching hand towels, and above the toilet cabinet which all completely change the look of the bathroom. I smile every time I walk up the stairs and see it.

6) Low taxes

7) Great neighbors

8) Good school district

9) Wouldn't have to pack everything, though I'm trying to go with the mindset that we DO have to pack so therefore we need to get rid of everything we don't love.

Cons of staying here:
1) Living through construction

2) No finished basement (but could utilize the current playroom solely as a playroom, so that would give the kids more space)

Gosh, looking through that list, it seems pretty clear.
Of course, it depends on what we find out there and how much contractors will charge to do all that I want.

Okay, better call the contractors! We're going to check out three houses tomorrow afternoon. We'll see...


TracyRuth said...

Rachel, I too have a hard time with lifes uncertainties. I want to know exactly what we're doing and work toward it. When it is undecided or unknown it drives me nuts. Howver we did move and I am so glad that we did. I love our new house and the new community! Everytime I walk to the train or take the dog for a walk I am reminded of how happy I am with our decision. As hard as it is, try to enjoy it just a little. Good luck with everything.

pkzcass said...

I'm curious to know what the contractors come up with pricewise.

As far as the finished basement is concerned, if you add more space on the first floor, why does the basement need to be finished? Sounds like you'll have plenty of living space upstairs.

Lucy T said...

Hey pkzcass and chaoticmom are in cahoots. They just don't want you to move farther from THEM and closer to US. LOL

M-j said...

Don't listen to PZCASS!
She is anti-big house! LOL!
Just kidding. She has a good point.
But I totally hear you on more space.
But don't forget, the grass is NOT always greener on the other side!
And, if you do decide to move, you STILL have to do some painting, cleaning, tossing to get the house in saleable condition!

Chaotic Mom said...


I like the idea of adding on. Moving is exciting, but can be as stressful as an addition. Trust me, I've moved enough to know.

BUT, wait until you have the estimates from the contractors, knowing reality will cost more. Then comp that with what you're realator would think of added value, too.

Oh, and Lucy's right, BTW! ;P