Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about R

1. I am tutoring this summer. So far I have a ninth grader who needs a little help with writing. I'm planning lots of cool writing activities to get him excited and comfortable with it.

2. DH and I are having a romantic weekend to celebrate our eleventh anniversary - my sister is taking the kids for the whole time!

3. We will be going out to dinner and to see X-Men 3 (on Nancy's recommendation).

4. I hosted a Passion Party last night - we all had a blast!

5. Not only did I have fun at the party last night, I had a great time planning for it. Ever look up "sex" on Very interesting. ;}

6. We have worked out this week so that DH had two days to himself and I have today and tomorrow. While I did sleep in very late (good thing since I stayed up until TWO yesterday - or was that today?) this morning, I have been called upon to help many times. Granted, watching five kids is very tough, but he is quite a capable guy!!!

7. Tomorrow I will be spending most of "my day" OUT of the house.

8. I think I forgot to give a final update - we have decided to stay at this house instead of moving. Instead of doing the big addition that I would LOVE (too tough to live through with five young kids), we are doing a mini-renovation: enlarging the division between the living room and the dining room and refinishing the hard wood floors underneath the stained wall-to-wall carpet.

9. Got an estimate from someone local on doing the expansion and he said he could do the project next week!

10. I have lots of other painting projects that I think will make a huge difference here that I want to do this summer.

11. It's hard to type and think with a four year old attached to my elbow asking for a turn on the computer.

12. It's equally hard to concentrate with the sound of a baby crying in the other room (even if I'm not the one in charge).

13. I'm going out for the rest of the afternoon!

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M-j said...

I like the way you and Chas work it out. Get out of that house while you can! LOL!

Elle said...

You're welcome to come and help me with my home redecoration projects when you've finsihed yours :)

Have a great TT
Elle x

Missi said...

I can definitly relate to the
4yr old wanting a turn on the

Shannon said...

Heck, my girls are only 5 months and I think as soon as they seem me head to the computer, they cry.

Ugh! Here they go again!