Friday, June 23, 2006

It's almost the weekend!

Tired - stayed up until 2 again unintentionally finishing a book.
Excited - cleaning the house and making preparations for our weekend!!!!
But still very tired. Definitely will need to take a nap again - soon.

And by the way, whose idea of some cosmic joke was it for me to get AF yesterday?!! Sorry if that is TMI, but c'mon!

In any case, we bring the kids to my parents to meet up with DS for Shabbat dinner and then we're "free."

Have to share last night's pre-bedtime discussion. Some I started telling the kids that J used to be tiny and in my belly and now she's a big girl. J actually started crying because she wanted to be tiny and in my belly again. I tried hugging her and explaining why it's better that she's on the outside, but she would have none of that. Finally I suggested that she take a turn pretending to be in my belly. She like that idea, so I lifted up my shirt, she snuggled close, and I rocked with her. The boys came over and we all sang to my "belly" and then she was "born." Then, of course, the boys needed to try that - together. And then J needed another turn. And then the boys wanted to both try it again, separately. And then they were all okay to go to bed. Interesting evening! :)

This morning as I was lounging in bed, I heard DH explaining to B that he shouldn't be playing with my make-up. "But Daddy," B answered, "I want to be beautiful for the sleepover tonight!" How to respond, how to respond? After laughing hysterically at DH's discomfort on coming across his son wearing his mommy's make-up, I finally decided the approach should just be that he is not allowed to play with Mommy's stuff. Period. And if he wants to buy his own sometime, we'll deal with that then. LOL! Kind of hard to tell him that boys don't wear make-up when he saw "Daddy's friends" putting it on at "June June" (DH helps direct the shows at his high school. The first show the boys saw and A was IN was Carousel, which has the song "June is Busting Out All Over" in it. After that, the school was known as "June June" for the boys, and now for J.) each time they have gotten ready for a show.

Alright, gotta get my butt in gear so I can get this house cleaned before my manicure and pedicure this afternoon. Ooo, I feel like a lady of leisure!


M-j said...

you are getting some pampering in! I'm jealous!
I love the babies in the belly thing. Too cute. We've had similar discussions with Bug Boy.
Have a GREAT weekend, sorry about AF!

Missi said...

Shame about AF, is always the way!

Yes,we have had issues here with
make up. My daughter thinks it
is hilarious to make up her brothers.
It mortifies my husband.

Oh, what a fun day planned! I am

EmilyRoseJewel said...

That is so funny about the makeup and your son. Too cute that and your daughter wanting to be little again and inside you. Such sweet stories, children really keep life interesting! Hope you had a great weekend!