Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bragging About My Hubby

Got this meme from MommyChicky and figured I really needed to do it to show the world (or at least the ten of you that read this blog) how wonderful my DH really is, even if I do get frustrated with his schedule from time to time.

Brag About Your Husband

What is his name: DH

How long have you been married: Almost 13 years

How long did you date: Four years - we were engaged for two of those years

How old is he: 35

How old are you: 36 (I know, I robbed the cradle)

Who eats more sweets: While I do eat my fair share of sweets, I'd have to say that he wins out in this category.

Whose parents do you see most? I'd say it's equal. Most weeks we have dinner with my parents on Friday nights for Shabbat and get together with his parents for dinner on Sundays (DH brings the kids there and hangs out all afternoon, I join them around 4:30).

Who said I love you first: I think it was him, but the feeling was definitely mutual!

Who is taller: Him.

Who can sing better: DH has a wonderful sounding voice, but has trouble hearing the pitch sometimes. So....without sounding too
Who is smarter: We are both smart about different things.

Who does the laundry: Mostly me.

Who does the dishes: DH is in charge of running the dishwasher at night and emptying it in the morning. I load it with dishes throughout the day.

Who pays the bills: Me.

His guilty pleasure: Watching TiVoed episodes of Cops, watching DVDs of Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Star Trek over and over and over again.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Me.

Who mows the lawn: DH.

Who has more friends: Between my local Flylady group, my synagogue, and the two different mom groups I am in, I would have to say me.

Besides you, who is his best friend: I think he considers his friend D. to be his best friend - they've been friends since they were about seven or eight!

Who cooks dinner: Me

Who is more stubborn: Me, but I'm really working on it!

Who kissed who first: I still remember it so clearly in my mind, even though it was almost 17 years ago! It was definitely mutual, but I waited for him to initiate it.

Who asked who out first: He did. And because he wanted to make sure it would be perfect, he made sure to ask me what kind of flowers I liked and what type of food I liked to eat. So cute.

What was your first date: We ate dinner at ChiChi's (Mexican food) and then saw The King and I at a local community theater.

Who proposed: We knew we were going to get married early on in our relationship, but since we were so young we didn't make it offical for a couple years. His parents allowed us to use the stones in a diamond ring that had been in their family for a long time to work with a jeweler and design our own engagement ring. I told DH that even though we both know it's a sure thing, I would not consider it official until he got down on one knee and asked with the ring. I made very clear to him that I thought proposals in public places like restaurants were the most romantic. I knew even then that it's better to speak up about those kinds of things than leave it to chance. It's not like I spelled everything out to him, just hinted at what I wanted. Even with all that, he still managed to totally surprise me when he actually did it. It was amazing, I cried, so romantic, we were engaged. So, in short, he did.

Who has more siblings: Me - he's an only child and I have both a brother AND a sister. My sister has done what she can to make him get a sense of what it would have been like to grow up with an annoying younger sister (Love you, J.!).

What is your favorite thing about him: I'd say top of the list is he makes me laugh (one of the first things that attracted me to him). We both have a very similar sense of humor - weird and twisted. We've been together first as friends for three years, then dating for two years, then being engaged for two years, and now married for almost 13 years - that's almost twenty years altogether, and I still enjoy just talking and laughing with him. At this point in our lives together, I'd say another quality that is close to the top of the list of favorite things about him is what an amazing father he is. I love watching him play with the kids. I know I was only supposed to name one thing and have already named two, but I just have to add one more. I love that no matter what the problem is, he really listens to me about it so we can work together to solve it, or at least make it more manageable. He also totally respects what I do as a SAHM and is in awe with all that I do to make the household run somewhat smoothly (as well he should be) and understands that when he in not teaching, it is only fair that we each shoulder the parenting responsiblities equally. I know, that was one more thing. What can I say? I love him. Neither one of us is perfect (and wouldn't it be boring if we were?) but he is still my partner for life, my best friend, the person I want to grow old with, the father of my children, and my true love. What else is there?


Sue said...

Nice tribute to Chas. Make sure he reads this post.

Domestic Goddess said...

Very cute!
You know I'm gonna have to do this one on valentine's day...