Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ever hear of PayPerPost?

I never had either until I read about it on one of the frugal living blogs I've been using as research on ways to .... well, live more frugally! I don't even remember which one it was now - I've been reading so many of them recently to get new ideas. In addition to trying to figure out new ways to cut our expenses, I'm always searching for additional ways to bring in more income. PayPerPost might be a great way for me to earn some money!

I just signed up. This post is my first attempt to earn money. If I'm doing it correctly (and it doesn't seem that complicated, so I THINK I am) I will earn twenty dollars. Yes, you read that right, twenty dollars just for letting you know about PayPerPost!

From what I understand, there is a big list of "opps" or opportunities for me to look through and possibly select. The opportunities are all from various websites and advertisers who are looking for other ways to get the word out about their site or their articles or even their product. The opps specify how much they will pay you. It looks really easy and profitable.

And when I'm finished this post, I will receive $20. I'm almost giddy! Well, not quite, but I'm excited about it. At first I was thinking that my minimum fee would be $20, but most of the opps seemed to be for less than that, so I'll have to see if that's typical or not. I'm thinking for now I'll take any money I make from this to go towards my list of things to buy for around the house. For example, I just rearranged the furniture (AGAIN) in my living room and am now looking to buy a white nine cube storage unit to help organize our entryway. Since I have something similar in the dining room for much more money that I got from IKEA, I think it will help pull the rooms together nicely. In any case, right now it's on sale for $40 - significantly cheaper than the bigger one I have already! I'm really looking forward to splurging on this.

As soon as I get the $ from PayPerPost I'll be able to let everyone know how quick and easy it actually was. Hope this works out just like I expect it to! Don't worry, I'm not going to be doing these types of posts all the time, but it might be nice to be able to earn some money from this blog!

One of the requirements is that I include this link:
drive traffic

Edited to add:
Just saw a way that YOU can make some money too! Just click on this button:

and review this post. You make money AND I make money. Win/win!!!

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O said...

Phew--it's been a busy few days here--miss a little and you miss a lot! Your blog's new look is awesome. I love it. The picture is fabulous too.
First, I'm glad you are feeling better. Those "my chest hurts from coughing" colds are the pits.
Second, God bless Target for out-Ikea-ing Ikea. We got our Pottery Barn knockoff entry bench from them and I love it--most of all b/c it was supercheap and so I don't care when the kids kick it or otherwise damage it.
Do you have the Target credit card? They give 10% off coupons every time you put $1000 on it (not all at once, but every $1000 you get a coupon).
And you'll have to let us know how PayPerPost ends up working!